Shopping highlights of the week

By Gem - 22:05:00

I found some adorable things this week. I stumbled upon lovely tea cups in the Well of Hope charity shop in Ystrad Mynach and they were only 75p for all three, what a bargain! I had to rummage around in a box of boring plates and these were right at the bottom.

My dressing table is full of so much clutter and I am forever losing my earrings so I decided to use one of the the cup and saucers to house all of my things and I think it looks pretty cute.

I found the little table gems in John Lewis and they are made by the same people who made the kitsch food picks from my previous birthday party post. I used them to decorate the table at my friends birthday bash on the weekend and there were so many left over I will use them on Christmas day to decorate the dinner table as they are the same colour as my kitchen walls and tableware.

*note to self-proof read before posting! do not get distracted by X Factor

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  1. Lovely cups and sooo cute with your jewellery :)

  2. Thanks Kelly, that Ystrad shop really is a goldmine!

  3. aww i love those cups :)


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