Christmas Decoration Tutorial

By Gem - 17:03:00

I've seen these lovely paper decorations at weddings this summer but I thought they would be equally as nice as Christmas decorations and they are both cheap and fun to make. Here is my step by step tutorial-

1. You will need to get scissors and string ready
2. Lay out about 13-16 sheets of rectangular tissue paper on top of each other. You can either make the ball one solid colour by stacking sheets of the same colour tissue or you can stack 2 varying colours (red/green/red/green) to incorporate multiple colours in one ball.
3. M
ake 2″ wide accordion folds, creasing with each fold.
4. Tie string around the middle of the tissue making sure it is long enough to hang your decoration later.
5. At this point you could curve the edges to make more of a flowery ball. Fan out one half of the tissue.
6.  Separate the layers, pulling away from the centre one at a time.
7. Keep pulling down all the layers on both sides until you have a full ball.
8.  Ruffle the tissue until you are happy with the look and hang your decoration.

I think this size decoration would look best hanging from the ceiling but you could make smaller ones to hang on the tree like little pom poms :)

Look at my dog in her snow suit! hahaha

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  1. These look brilliant! I'll have to give them a go sometime :)

    L x
    P.S A tutorial link to the bows I made will be the next post :)

  2. Thanks! I'm going to give the bows a go. They will look so good on my mums present. I'm going to dig out my old copies of Elle and Vogue ready for the post x

  3. hahah aww your dog!!! Awesome decs will try my hand at them! xx

  4. Such a cute idea! And that dog is precious :)

    Rosie x

  5. She HATES wearing that coat but loves it when she gets all the attention when she's out on walks.

  6. I've shown the photo of your dog to almost all of my family they love her haha x

  7. haha she's a real cutie, looks so innocent but she nabbed the shortbread biscuit right out my hand today! :) x


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