Feeling Festive

By Gem - 19:14:00

Don't laugh but I tried to do a mini photo shoot in the woods with my rubbish camera because I thought it would be festive and a bit more professional than taking photos in my living room but it felt a bit daft. I'm not good as posing and I'm not a good photographer so wont be doing that again...

I've got a few purchases and some charity shop finds to share with you.

This bag was from Topshop and was bit pricey at £25 but it's for the big Christmas eve night out which is a big deal for my friends so I splashed out.
I'm going to pair it with my black lace dress but I will post photos after the night out.

This velvet bag was only £3 in New Look, I liked the look of it when it was full price but thought I would wait until pay day to buy it which worked out great because it was originally about £15. What a bargain!

This is my find of the week, this cardigan was £3 in St Davids Foundation charity shop in Bargoed. It's so warm and has lovely gold buttons. I will definitely be wearing this over the Christmas period. It's really cold in south Wales at the moment so this was a great purchase.

I'm taking part in a bloggers secret santa this year organised by Rani at www.cupcakecouture.co.uk and I have already bought some of my gift, I'm now looking for a lovely box to put everything in. I love secret santa!

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  1. I feel your pain, it's tough to create a stellar photoshoot on the fly, but I love the whole Christmasy vibe you've going for here.. and I love the cardigan.

    What is this bloggers secret Santa thing? I want to hear more...


  2. Haha thanks, I did my best but I'm not one of those lookbook/take great arty photo types.

    The Secret Santa was run by cupcakecouture.co.uk but the deadline to apply has closed now but if it works really well I think it will run next year.
    I just emailed my details and then today I got the details of who I would be buying a gift for but they don't know that I got them in the draw.

    Might be worth emailing Rani to see if you can still enter


  3. Hahah thats not daft! You totally made it work, I keep thinking of super creative ideas I could never pull off. Darn it!

  4. Love the bags...very cute and I'm a bit (very) jealous of your cardi too! you have a good eye for style!

    x x x

  5. Adorable...seriously! :)


  6. That cardigan was a right find! I've been scouring charity shops for cosy cardigans but I haven't found any at all.

  7. great shout on the Rebecca dress!

    Love it although if I want to be a style stealer I need to know where to steal from! Any ideas where this cheeky find is from? x x

  8. Great cardi ~ the whole look is fab :)

  9. Wow Gem, thanks for the tip! you are just fountain of knowledge on the fashion front! I might have to get the sewing machine out and have a D-I-Y go on the lace front!

    Thanks so much x x x

  10. Great score. I especially love your cardigan. Steal!

    Now following your blog.
    Mitch from http://www.lifeistooshorttodowithout.com/

  11. hello lady, thank you for the lovely comment - just having a wee peep through your blog now - love your style! x

  12. Thanks, I'm having a snow day inside, drinking tea and looking for lovely new blogs to follow and I found yours :) x

  13. thankyou for the lovely comment, definately a new reader of your blog :D plus i love that cardigan such a good find! xx

  14. I love your cardigan and your bag, too. I can't believe you can get such cheap and cool items in thrifted stores. Here in Argentina, they overcharge for vintage clothes because lots of people like buying them.

  15. Vintage shops can be pricey but charity shops are great. Little old ladies usually run the shops and they don't have a clue what to charge for things!


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