Santa was very good to me this year...

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I had some really great stuff from Santa (Mam) this year and a super surprise gift which I didn't think I would be getting was my new hp laptop which means I can blog at home and not just on my breaks in work. I have been without a computer for about a year which is more difficult than you might think, especially because now you have to deal with everything online from banking to shopping. It has a built in microphone and camera too so maybe I could do a video post one day?
I'm on blogger :)

I had lots of the usual things like pj's and perfume but these are my two favourite things I had for Christmas-

My brother got me these green candlesticks which I love and they remind me of Return to Oz. I really love coloured glass so this was a great present.

I also had this Cath Kidston cake stand from my Mam, I didn't have any cupcakes so I put all the chocolates on it. I have cups and bowls to match this stand and it will be great for a tea party.
Sookie had lots of nice presents too and she's totally destroyed them all now.

I was in charge of the table decorations and dessert this year. I decided to go for a purple theme so it matched the decor and Christmas tree decorations in our kitchen/diner and it didn't have the wow factor I hoped for but I think it turned out ok.
I made Eton Mess, not very festive but I'm lazy and it was easy to make.
Did anyone do any cooking or baking? Christmas is a great time to kick back and enjoy your Mums cooking rather then doing your own don't you think?

I found some great stuff in the sales today and I will show you what I got tomorrow. I'm tired from all the bargain hunting now so I'm sat on the sofa with my duvet watching E.T

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  1. Wow what fab gifts! I didn't get chance to do any baking :(

  2. What a good haul! I love the Cath Kidston cake stand, but the laptop is pretty neat too. )

    I got some great stuff in the Zara sale today, but Topshop was rubbish! I already bought a coat from Topshop in their online sale on Christmas Eve, so they didn't do too badly, but still. I'd have liked to have bought some stuff in store today. I love going home hands hurting from the weight of all of the my bargains!

  3. Ahh, you got a laptop! :) You better do some videos :P

    I don't really celebrate Xmas but me and my sisters did a good roast with all the trimmings and watched lots of telly. Can you believe they didn't the snowman this year!? :( x

  4. My mam is good at getting presents :) The Topshop in Cwmbran is rubbish but I rarely go in there any more, I find myself disliking the place after working there. Accessorize is where I got the best things, I bought four purses today, I wont need to buy a purse for years!

  5. @DesignerSpray- The Snowman was on Channel 4! you missed it :(
    I think everyone should have a roast on Christmas day, my friend who lives in NZ had a bbq, total madness! haha

  6. Great presents! Your cake stand looks lovely, and I'm jealous of your big sewing machine!

    Rosie x

  7. Awesome news about the laptop!! Love those candlesticks!

    I would back some drafts up on blogger but i have no time i'm so busy! xx

  8. thanks for your comment :)

    ahh a laptop! jealous. ofc xmas wouldn't be xmas without ferrero rocher overload!

    Vintage Stop at

  9. merry chirstmas!:) thank you for your comment on my blog im now following you doll:) your blog is adorable, and i love all the vintage events you write about or recommend xx

  10. @vickileestyle- No probs, I know I don't think I can even look at another piece of chocolate until easter!

    @Belle- Thanks :) I'm looking out for some new events right now, so many were cancelled because of the snow.

  11. New laptop, lucky you! Does your mom want to adopt me? Mine is almost dead lol. Happy new year hun. xo

  12. that great you got a laptop.. I want a macbook:(

  13. bloody love that CK cake stand.

    Helen, X

  14. Those candlesticks are gorgeous! How great is your brother with gifting you those?

  15. He's a pretty cool little brother, knows what I like :)


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