Stocking Filler Gift Ideas

By Gem - 16:20:00

Buying stocking fillers and Secret Santa presents can be just as hard as finding the right Christmas present for friends and family, so I thought I would give you a  helping hand. Here are a few ideas I hope you will find useful... 

Girls are pretty easy to buy for but here are a few ideas-

Gifts For Girls

Button Rose Key Fob £4 Cath Kidston. Cute and cheap, can't go wrong!

Personalised Initial Coin Purse £12

Floral Face Metal Watch £24.00 Urban Outfitters

Teapot tea towel £8.00 The tea towel is super cute, it has got instructions for making the perfect cup of tea on it written in Welsh.

Gifts for Boys

White Skull Hot Water Bottle £8.95
Red Bobble Beanie Hat £12.99 River Island
London Mug £8 John Lewis
Junky by Burroughs £8.99 Penguin Classics

I have a guest post on Emma's brilliant blog Cardiff Chic and you can check it out here-

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  1. such a good idea for a post! small presents always are the hardest! can you don one for dads next! as i havent a clue what to get mine! lol :) x

  2. Men are the hardest! I like buying books for the man in my life, but after that I'm always stumped. Mugs are out of the question, Mr Awkward doesn't like hot drinks! They have suspiciously similar mugs to that John Lewis one in my TK Maxx at the moment, so if you're thinking of buying one I'd pop in to your local TK Maxx first just to check!

    I'm not doing stocking fillers this year, I'm so skint that people are lucky to be getting a main present! A nice idea that I had today was to find some pictures of your family, and some objects like your family car, the remote control, whatever your family talks about, then print them off onto magnetic photo paper (on sale in Tesco's at the moment), cut them out, and you have a Smith/Jones/Gem magnetic family playset! I think it's really fun, I'm going to try it but can't blog about it before Christmas because my boyfriend reads my blog and I'm thinking of making one for him.

  3. I really appreciate posts like these, mainly the guy one. It seems like shops mostly think men want cufflinks for Christmas, or nothing else!! Great ideas! :) jazzy ♥

  4. LOVE the skull hot water bottle - such a great idea :)

  5. Thanks for all the feedback on this post guys :)

    @ Claire- cufflinks, yawn!

    @ Vicki- If I get time this week I will add a Dad gift ideas. It's such a struggle with men. Gadgets can be expensive and socks just don't cut it.

    @ Nicola- Those magnets sound amazing Nicola, I want to go out and make some of my dog. I could also make some of beautiful people and put them on my biscuit tin so I don't binge on Custard Creams haha. Good job to mention it here and not your blog, don't want the boy to find out.

    @Kelly- I love the hot water bottle too, it's sooo cold in South Wales at the moment.

  6. Some nice picks here - love the initial purses and the London mug in particular. Sally x


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