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Thank you for following my blog and leaving lovely comments!  
To celebrate hitting the 100 followers milestone I have a fabulous giveaway for you from CSN Stores :)
I'm sure you've seen the giveaways they've been sponsoring all over the blogosphere and already know what CSN is all about but just in case you haven't- CSN Stores has a variety of online stores where you can find everything from  bedroom furniture to cookware to lighting pieces. I thought the cookware site fitted in with the ethos of my blog because I love tableware and baking.
CSN is giving one lucky reader £25 to spend on any of their online stores!

Here are a few of my fave items(all under £25) from the http://www.cookwarebycsn.co.uk/ site that you might like to get if you win the giveaway.

V&A Tea Pot (I saw this in John Lewis recently and looks amazing)
I think these Cookie Cutters are super cute and I've not seen a tea pot shaped one before

Another V&A item, this time a sandwich tray, perfect for when you have mates over

Heart shaped cake moulds would be great if you get them in time for Valentines day

To be in with a chance to win follow these simple instructions:

You must be a follower of Fat Frocks.

You must comment in the post, you could give a top baking tip or say what item in the kitchen you can't live without.

A tweet about the competition will gain you an extra entry. Please tweet this so I get a notification “@GemmaDSouthgate is having a giveaway on http://fatfrocks.blogspot.com/ give a top baking tip to win”

Closing date is midnight on the 14th of January 2011

Open to UK entrants only sorry :(
(edit: csn said they can convert the code so people from the USA, Canada and Germany can also enter! )

Good luck!

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  1. A great tip my dad told me was when baking meringue's. Before you go to bed turn your oven on to 150'c and make the mixture. When its read and on a baking trayu put them in the oven. Then turn it completley off and go to bed. In the morning you will have beautiful meringue's :)

  2. My top baking tip is that recipes are guidelines. Use your judgement when it comes to amounts especially.

    My mum just bought a retro looking scale from Morrisons for only £9.99 and it's lovely. If you're in the market for a cream scale get yourself down there!

  3. Thanks guys. This is going to work out well :) Whenever I see giveaways people just have to leave a comment but this is more fun and educational!

  4. Happy 100 Followers. I had Giveaways each set of FOllowers too 50, 100, and now the next is 200 - I cant wait till I hit it!

    GOOD LUCK - I would enter but Im from canada!
    Good Luck Ladies!

  5. Wow, everything you've picked is lovely! I got some flower shaped cupcake moulds from John Lewis a while ago, they are so cute. In the kitchen I can't live without my new Cath Kidston Cake Stand, probably the prettiest Christmas present ever!

  6. My top tip is to always lick the spoon! ;) Haha, no, really.. resist the temptation to open the oven and look at your cupcakes before the time is up because it makes them sink!

    I've just noticed I was only following you on bloglovin and not gfc! Oops!


  7. I'm so upset that this is only for UK residents, does Dublin count as the UK? :) Ah no I'm joking, this is such a lovely giveaway though, I think I just fell in love with that teapot. Love the blog, keep it up! :)

  8. I follow and I would say to be creative, obviously follow the instructions but with your presentation have fun with it. Make it a bit quirky, people appreciate the effort. Please enter me :)


  9. Amy - great tip. WIll give it a try.
    My meringues never work out.

    My tip is an old, but good one: Always make sure that your hands are cold when making pastry.

  10. I am loving all these tips:)we are all going to be the besk bakers ever.
    @Charlene- haha deffo lick the spoon!

  11. My chef's knife is definitely my can't-live-without kitchen item.

    I follow on gfc

  12. Hi Gemma, please enter me in the competition - my top tip for baking is: where recipes include bread, use Milk Roll instead! Works fabulously for things like Bread and Butter Pudding, Summer Pudding, or an old-fashioned Apple Charlotte. Makes them light and moreish rather than stodgy.

    Miss P xx

  13. Congratulations on your 100 followers! It's really exciting to hit a landmark! :D The items from this store are lovely- I wish we had things like this in Italy, but they are definitely a bit more difficult to come by (or at least this is the case here in Rome). I love that tea pot- it's so gorgeous and delicate!!

    *Claudia* x
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  14. Yes please! I don't really have any top baking tips, though :c x

  15. I am a follower and I can't live without my electric mixer! I use that thing all the time,its awesome!
    Thanks for the chance and for letting us Americans enter,sweet!

  16. My top baking tip: if you're short on butter, use a tiny bit of cooking oil to grease your cake tins instead. Works a treat - if anything, the cakes come out much easier than usual.

  17. enter me please! these items are just gorgeous:) so me! im only a basic baker but id say chocolate makers everything better!

  18. haha chocolate DOES make everything better!

  19. What a fabulous competition, please add me.

    A silicon muffin tin is the cannot live without must have kitchen item of recent months, no oil needed so yorkshire puddings are slightly healthier, it goes into the dishwasher and stacks well in the cupboard. No burnt fingers, you can just get out of the oven, so my top buying tip is BUY silicon when you next replace any bakeware or utensils.

  20. OooOoooh marvelous giveaway darling! Please enter me :) My top tip is all about the decoration, a cake is not indeed complete until it has been dusted, sprinkled, and lovingly decorated with edible glitter and suchlike :) Makes perfect pressies for friends! jazzy ♥

  21. Thanks for the giveaway! My top baking tip is to refrigerate chocolate chip cookie dough overnight or for at least a few hours before baking! This prevents the dough from getting melty too quickly in the oven and becoming flat and hard and produces perfect cookies that are not too flat and are both chewy and crispy!

    eemoody77 at gmail dot com

  22. I tweeted!


    eemoody77 at gmail dot com

  23. All entered! Just need to figure out how I'm going to do a random selection. I've seen things online you can use x


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