The Calm After The Storm

By Gem - 16:25:00

I'm having a lazy week after all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and travelling to Southampton for nye which means pj's and Gossip Girl box set marathons. So no outfit post or shopping finds sorry.
Thought I would include a photo of the gossip boys because... well do I need a reason? swoon. They just don't make them like that in Blackwood. 
2011 Wish List
1. To have a more polished look- grow my nails and improve my eye make up skills (which at the moment are pretty poor)
Attend more local events/gigs/markets- you only live once so I want to go and enjoy everything that is on offer to me locally.
3. Go on a European city break- I've not been outside of the UK since NZ about 2 years ago and I have never been to eastern Europe so I'm going to start planning and saving for a trip NOW.
4. Get a full time job- I work two part time jobs at the moment which means a lot of public transport and tax which makes me sad.
5. 2011 will be the best year I've ever had- I will make this happen, good things don't come to those who sit at home waiting, I need to go out and seek out exciting opportunities myself!

Stared the year as I mean to go on by making the effort and painting my nails, not too messy for me.

The No7 Stay Perfect polish gave a lovely shine which is great, I'm not a fan of a dull/matte finish and it hasn't chipped yet which I put down to the use of the Barry M top coat.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I have a few similar wishes, I am always wishing to improve on make-up skills, infact I always thought one day I would learn to use make-up properly but I don't think it just happens, I guess it's a lot of practice! x

  2. om nom nom gossip girl boys! happy 2011 xx

  3. I'm thinking of booking a session at mac and ask them to show me how to do a simple day look and then go another time and learn how to create a smokey eye. I've got loads of eye colours I never use because I look like a clown when I put it on haha!

    I just can't decide who is the best- Ed, Chase or Penn...

  4. great 2011 list my dear :) i wanna go to more local events and places too. and visit somewhere new abroad maybe malta.. xo

  5. Oh swoon at the GG boys!
    And good luck with your resolutions :)

    Rosie x

  6. Ooh, where in Europe are you thinking of going? I've been to Germany and Italy but I'm DYING to visit the UK. Lucky you.

    And as for your comment on my blog, it is actually a reference to Doctor Who on purpose! It's my favorite show.

  7. Me too, I love Dr Who! The Christmas episode with Katherine Jenkins was great.

    Well even though I live in the UK I've never been to Scotland so I think I should go there, maybe to the Edinburgh Comedy festival. It's madness that I've been so some exotic places but there are so many great cities in the UK I haven't visited yet.

    I might visit Croatia or Slovakia x

  8. Booking a session with MAC sounds a great idea Gem. Many years ago, (when i was your age now!) i worked for The Body Shop, when it was still owned totally by Anita Roddick. I had to attend a Body Shop make up training course, run by by Barbara Daly (she did Princess Diana's wedding day make up). It was amazing and learned so much more than practice could ever have taught me.
    Great blog!

  9. Thanks.
    Babara Daly, wow!(just reading about her now) That's pretty cool it's great to be shown what to do by a real professional.

  10. Oh I would LOVE to visit Cardiff! I can't even tell you how much. And Scotland seems like it would be so beautiful.

    And don't worry, I'm a seasoned pirate -- I've already seen the Christmas special! The day it came out. It was so sweet, I loved it to death.

  11. I am a DISASTER and keeping my nails neat. I make a similar promise to myself regularly... Maybe one of these days I'll keep my promise. Maybe...?

    Also, I like this here bloggywog.
    Follower =]

  12. @Meg- haha good one! I always wait for Mad Men to be shown on the BBC here in the UK but no way could I ever wait for Dr Who.

    @Lee :) Thanks.
    I find that I slap the nail varnish on and it goes everywhere then I make it neat by dipping varnish remover in a cotton bud and wiping off the messy bits.

  13. I also wanna get better at eye makeup! I tend to stick with what I know and that can get boring after a while! I also wanna go to more shows/concerts! I live so far away from venues that it'll be tricky, but I'm gonna try to go to at least one show every 2 months or so! Love your goals for 2011! :)

  14. Thanks thomessa, I always put a pale shadow on then do a 50's black cat eye eyeliner look which is getting rather boring.
    I just want to get out and see live music even if it's only local bands but I'm lucky that I live near a lot of good music venues so I'm spoilt for choice

  15. Two and five, darling! Two and five!

  16. I need to grow my nails out too, I have such a bad habit of biting them :(. I would also like Chuck Bass haha

  17. I think that's a lovely aim to be more 'polished', good l luck with achieving that!
    Thanks for the comment on the beach photos - I was playing around with camera settings! I am not sure I would stick to buying only second-hand/vintage for a whole year, I'll be impressed with anyone who manages that...

    Miss P xx

  18. Can't wait to see all your posts about #2&3
    #5 Is bound to happen. Wishing you all that and more for the new year.

  19. On the plus side of paying too much tax during the year, you can claim it back in April! I've done this for the last four years and it's amazing. It's like saving without the effort.

    I've been planning to paint my nails glittery red since before Christmas. You've inspired me, I'll try to get round to it tonight.

  20. @amberrose & CurveEveryday- I'm making plans as I type this. I'm attending a local market and a vintage fair next week and I'm planning on going to a European festvial which will kill 2 birds with one stone :)

    @Nicola- yeah, that is one good thing about tax, took me a year to get it all back last time though. Tax people are a complete nightmare to deal with!

  21. ohhh the gg boys are perfection! great colour for your nails, good luck with all your resolutions :) xx


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