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This post is dedicated to some of my favourite blogs and they all have something in common. They are all written by people who are Welsh or who are based in Wales :)

Rai from Blargle Fargle

Rai is a Psychology student at Newport University so she qualifies for my Welsh blog post :) I adore her cute, quirky sense of style. She mixes patterns and colours and is almost always to be found in a dress like me (I just don't do trousers). Her blog highlights her individual style, great photography and also showcases her brilliant illustration skills.
Rai creates these cute ragdolls

You can get your own rag doll on her blog for less than a Starbucks and I think they would make a great present for someone.

Beth from Anchor of Roses

Beth lives in South Wales, she is 23 and lives with her boyfriend and two cats.
I love the way Beth creates a really polished, well thought out look by combining great vintage pieces with items from the high street. Beth inspires me to mix up looks and try out things I wouldn't normally dream of wearing like midi skirts and I even bought a boater hat in the summer for Reading Festival.
Beth's blog has some great features, one is Tuesday Treats which never fails to brighten up my day. Who doesn't love a collage of hotties? I also love her weekly round up which includes photos of what she has been discovering and enjoying throughout the week.

Miss P from Porcelina's World

Miss P is a vintage enthusiast living in Wales. Her blog has a good mix of all of my favourite things- outfit posts, home-baking and charity shop/car boot bargain finds. I am very jealous of Miss P's hair, she does a very good victory roll and I love her 40s/50's housewife inspired look.
I also enjoy the posts detailing all Miss P's exciting excursions to the seaside, countryside and tea rooms across the UK and beyond. It really is a delightful blog and I urge you to go and check it out here.

Do you know any other great Wales based blogs I should be reading? Is there a great network of bloggers in your town or city?

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  1. Oo! That's me! Thanks for your kind comments. It is nice to know of other bloggers interested in vintage in Wales - there's one more you should investigate:
    She knits things and lives in West Wales.

    I can't take the credit for the victory rolls in one of the pics in my new banner - I had some help from the Lipstick and Curls girls!!

    Porcelina xx

  2. Oh, I'm going to check out that blog now P and I do like that new banner of yours :)

    No probs girls, it's easy to write nice things when you have such great content x

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I love Rai she is so stinking cute. I will have to check out the other blogs after I stalk yours for a few...LOL!

  4. @I BLEED PINK- I found your blog through Rai's because you're on her blog roll :)

  5. I love the colour of your cardigan x

  6. I already already follow Rai, her style is so cute! Will be checking out the other ladies blogs too! xo

  7. All these girls look fabulous!


  8. Love Beth! Great feature! Must check out the others! X
    Burn the Blonde

  9. I found your blog via Beth, and I love this feature! I've always thought why am I not coming across South Wales bloggers, and here are lots for me to look at :) I also spotted your post on Buffalo Boutique, I hope they're doing some more as I had no idea they existed. Further proof that I live on the wrong side of Cathays :p

  10. Ah thank you! I'll put it on my calendar. And my exams wil have finished by then so maybe I can treat myself to something nice :D


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