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I'm jumping on the bandwagon and doing a 'What's inside my bag' post.

I got this bag as a present for Christmas from my mam, it was from style 369 and was a steal in the sale for just £12. This bag is HUGE and it's always full when I go to work with magazines to read on the bus and my packed lunch but I took this photo before I went shopping on my day off so it's a little less full than usual.

I always have my Young Persons Rail Card in my bag, I live in the middle of nowhere so I have to get a train to civilization everyday and this card saves me a 1/3 on my ticket.

I have a headhog brush which I've had for aaages, I wash it with shampoo and remove hairs once a week and apparently it's the same one that the Queen uses.

My umbrella is from Primark and I thought it was very Cath Kidston-esque and it was only about £3.

My purse is from Accessorize and I picked it up in the sale, it's the prefect size for a few cards and coins.

I love my 20gb ipod, I use it a bit like an external hard drive too so it's got all sorts on there but mainly Morrissey, Mystery Jets and Maccabees songs.

The diary is from Cath Kidston and was a gift from my brother, I couldn't function without my diary I'm so forgetful! My shifts change all the time so I can keep track of them with my little diary. My keyring is also from Cath Kidston, noticing a theme yet? :)

My make up bag is a cheap Primark buy, it's just like the Cath Kidston oil cloth ones but only cost me £1.50. Here's what's inside...
I use Lancome Art Liner liquid liner, hypnose mascara and their eyeliner. They all have great staying power and are well worth the money.

I love my Chanel powder, I got it free with all my Boots points which is great because I would never pay £30 for powder.

I use mac concealer because it's so creamy and blends in well and I got the lipstick free when I took in old packaging to  be recycled, I think that's a great scheme and more make up brands should do it. It's a very boring nude colour but I like it because it looks quite 60s.

The YSL foundation was a bit of an impulse buy but it the best make up item I've ever bought. It comes with a built in brush and it's called Perfect Touch.

The Lipstick and eye primer are both Urban Decay. The lipstick is another boring shade, just a light pink. The primer is great and really helps my make up stay on all day in work. I've had it for over a year and there is still plenty left.

I left out all the receipts and bus tickets that were in my bag because that's not very interesting unless you want to know that I bought orange juice 3 weeks ago ;) What do you have in your bag? Do you carry everything around with you like me or do you only carry the essentials?

I wrote a guest post on Lucy's blog Vintage Cardiff about charity shops in Whitchurch. It's a great blog for you to check out.
Sarah at My Sentimental Heart awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award which is lovely, thanks Sarah!

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  1. adorable so many pretty flower prints!

  2. I have that exact umbrella! c:

  3. Lancome mascara is amazing, it's the only one I use now!

  4. I use to carry everything around with me in my bag :S sometimes is useful but others... wow, my friends call me 'Mary Poppins' because I've from a pencil case or a sketch notebook to gums or aspirins.

  5. I love all the florals! You use really nice makeup! Love your purse, it's so elegant!

  6. @thomessa- I love make up, I could spend all day at the make up counters trying out new things!

    @VanessaValkyria- I got an amazing Mary Poppins bag in New Look recently, it's a tepestry bag just like hers and its huge :)

    @Sarah- once you buy Lancome you never go back!

  7. all your purses and pouches are so cute, even the diary is cute. I never carry around makeup, I really should start doing that, I can't stand being stranded somewhere without mascara - that is just a travesty. I need a cute umbrella like yours.

  8. I love these posts, I'm so nosey! :D

  9. I love all the Cath Kidston bits and the Primark Cath Kidston inspired bits too!

    I have the Urban Decay primer, and swear by it. I have always wanted to try a more expensive foundation, YSL is so very tempting! xx

  10. I literally need to do one of these posts haha! Your handbag is amazing! x

  11. your bag is GORGEOUS! such a bargain at £12 too! i love all your floral and cath kidston pieces too. xx

  12. Great bag! And a bargain. I love seeing what other ladies have in their handbags. Oddly fascinating, you know. Kinda voyeuristic.


  13. I love chanel powder , I know it's expensive but it lasts or ages. I try and keep my bag as empty as possible otherwise I can never find my purse! xx

  14. Love all the lovely floral accessories and products! Such a dainty pattern and theme! My wallet is full of more receipts that dollars/bills plus a tube of lipstick and my business card case and a checkbook. Completely boring!

  15. Great post...And your bag is really cute!

    (I love Cath Kidston stuff too!)

    Have a great weekend :)


  16. Thanks guys :)
    @Grit and Glamour- I know what you mean, it's fun to snoop!

    @Sarah- It's lasted really well and I use loads, very happy with it. Might buy it again. Clinique is pretty good too x


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