Jacobs Antiques Centre Cardiff

By Gem - 23:21:00

Jacob's is one of Cardiff's best kept secrets, mainly because it's hidden away behind Central train station. It has three floors with about 50 small stalls all in one building. From the outside it doesn't look like much but once inside you will find a world that stands apart from the rest of the city. It provides a great contrast to all the new shops in St Davids 2 and high street giants that are taking over Cardiff city centre.

It is open Thursday to Saturday, 9.30-5 and has a cafe that serves great homemade food and is a great place for a cuppa after a few hours browsing the stalls. There are quite a few eccentric stall holders, I met one today who was talking to her dolls...

There is great variety inside with stock ranging from kitchenware, pretty tins, military memorabilia and vintage clothes. There are stuffed badgers by the entrance and lots of men looking at old medals and swords but don't let that put you off because there are some great treasures inside.
  Today I found these two lovely books in Jacobs
Which had some pretty illustrations

                      Where do you go to find vintage and antique items? Found anything nice recently?

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  1. this sounds like a great place! you are so nice for sharing all your finds xxx

  2. Oh wow, do you have an address for this? I might visit when I go up next saturday to the vintage fair c: x

  3. This looks amazing, the best way to spend a day. There's a place in Brighton, 'Snoopers Paradise' that is insanely cool - it's like peoples kitchen dressers have just been lifted right out and plonked in the shop. It's a huge place with absolutely everything, and so cheap! Bought myself a lovely little brown trilby there last time cos I only had about £3 with me! Could spend hours there, highly recommend it. X


  4. I love hidden away treasures like this. Those two books both look fabulous, I wish I lived nearer because this place sounds so lovely x

    p.s I have seen those Lauren Conrad books in Waterstones, but don't actually know much about Lauren Conrad, are they based on her? Or are they stories she's written?

  5. Think I have replied to everyone :)
    I'm going to have to visit Brighton one day, I've seen loads of pictures on peoples blog, looks really kitsch x

  6. One of my favorite shops ever - always find something :) great blog as ever hon xx

  7. Ah, wow - cute books! And that shop sounds like a treasure,

    Rosie x

  8. It looks amazing, those books are gorgeous x

  9. ohh I adore old books for their graphics! lucky you!

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    http://eightbiscuits.blogspot.com/ and gooood luck!

  10. How have I never heard of this place before!? I cannot wait to go back to Cardiff so I can explore this shop now!


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