Outfit post and Charity Shop finds

By Gem - 21:52:00

Popped down to town today to look around the charity shops and this is what I wore-

Don't know why I look so unimpressed...

Had a little play around on Picnik, curved the edges and played with the colours, very technical for me! I love this t shirt, I has a horse on it and I got it from a shop called Supre in New Zealand a few years ago. The scarf is from a charity shop, the skirt is Dorothy Perkins, the bag is from style369 and I'm wearing my fave cardi from asda.

Didn't find much today but I did find another great book-
It has a fab sections about pop music and fashion of the time along with all the main news events of the year, There were a few other years there too which I might go back for because they were only 99p.

I would like to say a big thank you to Ariana of fatale fashion for honouring me with a 'Your Blog is Breathtaking' award :)

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  1. Love your t-shirt, and this book looks amazing. Such a bargain x

  2. Oh my gosh what an amazing book. Those old photos are fantastic!

  3. That book looks brilliant!

  4. That book looks wonderful, I love discovering old treasures like this. And the spine is pretty nostalgic too xx

  5. I just discovered Picnik.com! Isn't it great for photo editing? Great blog btw! :)

  6. oooh, i'm jealous that you've been to new zealand! you should definitely go back if that book was only 99p


  7. went to the recommended charity shop today - good day - fab post as always xx

  8. Thanks guys, I'm a total book geek. Work with them all day and spend my timeoff buying them :)
    Picnik is soo good and free!
    I wouldn't be too jealous about NZ it's just like Wales but 15 years ago and clothes shops are rubbish there haha

  9. Great book and fabulous outfit.
    My NZ blogging pal sends me masses of vintage stuff she's found in Op-Shops over there, it can't be too bad. xxx

  10. The op-shops are fab! loads of good ones in Auckland on K Road and a really good one in Roturua. They don't seem to have much of a high street, but in a way that's good. More independent store x

  11. What a great find that book is - and I love your outfit! Sally x

  12. That book is such an incredible find, well done!

  13. Great outfit! I love that scarf!

  14. What a great find! Love the book!
    Picnik is fun, I too enjoy messing around with it!

    -xxoo :)


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