February Round Up

By Gem - 13:53:00

February has been a great month for me for many reasons. I got to go and see one of my favourite bands at the moment- Frankie and the Heartstrings in Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff and I had the best time ever and got to interview the band with my friend Emma. Sorry to everyone who follows me on Twitter because I haven't stopped talking about the band but I really do love them, you can check out my fave song by them here. 
I've been offered more hours at work which takes me up to pretty much full time hours now which I'm so happy about because it means more money for dresses and going to more gigs :) As you can see from the (dodgy web cam) picture above I also got my fringe cut back in. I hope March is even better than this month and I can't wait to see what happens!

Here is my round up of the month-
  • Loving: My job. I'm so happy where I am at the moment, it's such a nice place to work and my colleagues are all lovely. I'm also well into nail art thanks to Charlene and Sarah. I'm loving the Champagne shade of Models Own polish that Sarah sent me, so metallic and doesn't chip!
  • Listening to: Frankie and the Heartstrings new album that was released on Monday, Robyn and some old favourites like Morrissey and New Order.

  • Wanting: A day away to visit some castles in Wales or go to Hereford, I really want to go on a road trip.

  • Reading: The Reader by Bernhard Schlink and Generation X by Douglas Coupland.
  • Making: Not much this month, no baking because I'm cutting back, I lost 11.5 lbs last month. Feeling a lot more confident.
  •  Watching: The Runaways (which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be) Being Human series 1&2 which I now totally love, I got the box set of both series for about a tenner which is a bargain.
  • Buying: Loads of dresses from Peacocks

  • Planning: To go to more gigs. I want to see Metronomy when they play in Cardiff soon and I'm planning on going to see Pulp and go to Greenman Festival in the summer.

  • Writing: I'm writing more letters and making time to send thank you cards. The Pen Pal Exchange has gone very well and I can't wait to send more letters out :) 

Everyone have a great February? What are your plans for the next month?
Is there anything you think I should check out in March, new books, bands or places to go?

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  1. Gem your hair looks amazing- so shiny! Glad you're enjoying your job, it makes such a difference to my week if I've enjoyed being at work.xxx

  2. Oooh saw Metronomy live before, they are just wonderful! Do enjoy, super jealous. Also, was planning to go to Greenman last summer, but it sold out before I got tickets :( Definitely go, it looked so so good!

  3. aren't libraries the best places to work? :) i'm currently reading freedom by jonathan franzen and it's so good, you should read it next! also great house by nicole krauss has just been released and i've got that from work because i was on the waiting list. i love all her books so i hope this one is great too.

  4. Glad to hear you enjoyed the gig! Your fringe is super pretty - really works with that wave.

  5. Oooh thanks for the recommendations Helen, I'm always on the lookout for new things to read :)

    Thanks Llara, it always looks nice when you're fresh from the salon, I need to find a friend who is a hairdresser that will blowdry my hair all the time!

  6. Generation X is a fantastic book.

    Check out The Philosophy of Andy Warhol by Andy Warhol.

  7. yayy for february!
    i really want to go on a road trip too - cant wait for summer!
    next month ill still be at uni, but in april i get my easter break, which will be laaavley :)
    Rosie xo

  8. I'm glad you're liking your job, it can be so frustrating when it isn't so.. I'm ok with my job, but do have periods of time when I just hate it, but it's ok because I won't be doing it for much longer anyway, and then more exciting things should come yay! :) Have a great march!

  9. i need a job! &your hair looks lovely :-)

  10. Ah, I love a good gig but haven't been to one in ages! I love Generation X, Douglas Coupland is such a great author, I've read a few other of his books and they are terrific. I saw the Runways at the cinema, it was alright but totes not worth the £10 cinema ticket. I want to buy more dresses =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  11. @Hannah- Go and see Frankie and the Heartstrings :) good old fashion guitar band. £10?! cinema is only £6 in Cardiff. I will try out a few more of Coupland's books then

  12. I love this photo of you Gem, very pretty! Congratulations on the weight loss, very impressive. I need to cut down and lose a bit too so any tips would be appreciated xx

  13. @Sarah- you should keep a food diary in a little note pad. I find it's easy to get carried away and it's good to reflect on what I'm eating. I can see where I am going wrong and how I could do better. Probably the best thing I've done.
    I have also set small goals for myself like I wanted to lose 10lbs before I went to the gig on Friday and I'm going to see the band again on Monday so I want to lose another 2 lbs and then I will have a few wines :)
    The main reason I'm doing it is for dresses! It would be so much easier for me if I was a size 16 so I could shop in any high street stores and not just a few sections. I love dressing up but my clothes size is stopping me which is no fun. The UK has such a poor plus size selection, no where near as good as the US yet

  14. your hair looks lovely! :) xxx


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