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I've been blown away by the response to my last post, so many people have joined up to the Pen Pal Exchange. There are 30+ participants so far and you still have plenty of time to join up.
I've got another work outfit post for you today. It's not a very smart look even though I'm a library assistant. The 'librarian chic' look is not very practical and a lot of our work involves heavy lifting and moving things around so pencil skirts and blouses just would not work for me.

Dress: New Look
Bag: New Look
Cardigan: Asda
Belt: Peacocks
Brooches:Accessorize UK
Necklace: gift

I took these pictures when I got home from work last night at about 11pm so this is what I look like after a day of shelving, issuing and and dealing with enquiries. My brother took the photos for me and he made me laugh so much because he had just showed me this video, and was clicking his fingers like the boy in the video. I love the bit where the lights are flashing. It's a bit creepy but very good.

I recently won a giveaway on Sarah's blog and I was so excited when I received my pink parcel in the post. It was packaged beautifully and was filled to the brim with lots of Models Own goodies.

How lovely is that? I'm going to keep the glittery box to put all my nail varnish in :) Thanks Sarah!

I have been inspired by Sarah and Charlene to try a bit of nail art which is something I've never done before and here is my first attempt-

Not too bad, I've got the nail art bug now and I'm planning on doing something new tonight but I don't have the models own nail art pens so I'm not sure what to do, possibly use the Barry M Nail Effects?

I thought  that this event might be of interest to my local readers-
I attended the last In Aid of Vintage and got this great brooch and had a fab time so do pop along and maybe you will find a unique piece of vintage. Stall holders pay a fee for their table and this money is going to the charity Stonewall. You can feel a little less guilty about shopping if some of the money goes to charity!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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  1. barry m nail effects ROCKS.
    so yes, try that :)
    well done on winning the giveaway!
    and you look lovely in the photos :) xo

  2. love the floral belt and bag, what colour nail polish did you get?? I want lol x

  3. Love the second photo of you! Glad you love the models own stuff and your nails look ace! xx

  4. @Rosie- Thanks, can't wait to try the effects now.

    @Claire Louise-I got Magenta Divine which is fab and I will wear loads because I'm such a pink girl and I think the gold one I used for nail art is Champagne x

    @Sarah- it was like an early birthday present :) xx

  5. Love your nails that is an amazing 1st attempt. Ive used barry m nail effects and its fab.

  6. great nails! using eyeliner is quite easy it dries in seconds and then the topcoat doesnt smudge it at all (in my experience anyway) lovely tapestry bag! xx

  7. Loving that nail art - very impressive for a first attempt!
    Maggiesdress Vintage will be selling at the Aid of Vintage event so looking forward to that one :)

  8. Great outfit! I post my outfits here (if you're interested!) obviously the monday-friday ones are library ones... http://mythologisingmedaybyday.tumblr.com/
    So excited for the pen pal swap!

  9. @Ingrid, I'll check it out now, I like to see what other library assistants wear :)

    @Sian- I used eyeliner for the leopard look and it did dry in seconds so I might use it to draw hearts or soemthing.

  10. I love that bag, I am obsessed with carpet/tapestry bags atm...Mary Poppins anyone?

    SO glad to hear the pen pal exchange is popular :)xx

  11. I really like the floral bag and belt combo :)
    I love the nail art, it looks really pretty!

  12. Woooow what a lucky giveaway winner you are!! Pretty parcel - I one a giveaway recently and it came in a pretty ribbon, such a lovely thing to do. Love your tapestry bag...very Mary Poppins! x

  13. I love your necklace, and your nails look amaaaaazing!

  14. I love your bag, and you look very chic indeed for a library assistant! The Models Own goodies look great, love your nail art it looks pretty professional! xx

  15. Thats your first attempt? Its amazing :) I couldnt get mine that good after about 50 ha ha. I loooooooove all your accessories in the photos very cute :) also love your bloggers pen pal exchange idea I commented under that post with my e-mail address would love to do it :) x

  16. Thanks guys, it was my first attempt little rambling rose! I was very pleased with myself haha. Happy to have you on board for the pen pal exchange. We have about 50 now, going to be a nightmare to organise. I will have to start a spread sheet or something :) xx

  17. eeeek! so jealous about the modelsown goodies! and love your patterned bag!


  18. I think you've nailed practical librarian chic!

    About Get Cutie - definitely give us a review of their dresses and service if you end up getting one for the wedding you're going to!

    Miss P xx

  19. I think i have just found my new favourite blog =] i also signed up for the pen pal scheme =] i LOVE your outfit!! xx

  20. love the nail colours! i currently have bright blue and pink leopard nails suprisingly not as tacky as it sounds!

  21. LOVE the bag and what an excellent give away prize to win, lucky girl =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  22. Aw you look so cute! :) Especially on the second one where you're laughing! :) I have recently won my very first giveaway (and really anything, I have never won anything in my life!) So i was trilled! I haven't received it yet, but it's make up goodies as well so yay! :) I suck at nail art, just normal paining of the nails makes me look like an oversized stupid bear trying to paint his claws. haha, pretty much! I get nail polish all over my fingers. I also do far too much in order for the nail polish to last longer than 1 day on my nails, so :(

  23. I lvoe that blue cardigan and purse. And I LOVE your nails. They look great. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  24. ooh now i need to try and factor in a day in cardiff!! :)
    i love the nails, so pretty!

  25. The navy and black is so effortless and modern! You look great! I couldn't even tell you've been working so hard all day!

  26. I went to try the Prefab shop yesterday - and I got confused and though it was on Wellfield Road, checked the details again when I got home and of course it was on Albany!! Will try again soon and report back...

    In the meantime, not sure if you know about the little arcade on Wellfield Road, there's a shop called Big Girl's Blouse that sells vintage?

    Miss P xx

  27. Glad you won that fab giveaway! Want to win another.. I'm having one for my blog's 6 month anniversary :) Would love for you and your readers to check it out!!



  28. Another lovely outfit :) I adore the floral brooches.

    Well done on winning the giveaway :) I'm planning some for my blog this year because they always seemed like a really nice thing to do and give someone such a buzz to receive something for nothing.

  29. Congrats on winning the giveaway! Gosh that is a lot! Also loving the pretty brooches and that vintage looking pendant. Hope you are having a great week! :)

  30. I have mere seconds free right now but I shall pop back and read your blog in more depth soon - looks good! x


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