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Rachel and Amy at British Style Bloggers have just launched a body image campaign, asking the media to diversify its representation of women. They want to make a real difference and want people to get involved in Blogger Challenges, the first challenge  to make a collage entitled This Is Me - showing the world who you really are. You can see more information about the campaign here.

This is my poor effort, I have very little skills when it comes to using polyvore or making collages so I did this instead...

The first picture is of me and my best friend Laura on a day trip to Bath, I chose this picture because it was such a fun day. We were talking really loudly on the bus and the old women turned their hearing aids off! haha. We went on a walking tour and visited some of the places mentioned in Jane Austen books.

The second picture was taken on my second birthday and I chose it because I look really happy (probably because of all the presents and jelly and ice cream!)

The next picture was taken when I went to see Britney at the o2 in London. Britney is someone I adore although most of my CD collection is filled with New Order and Patrick Wolf records, not very pop at all. I admire her because she is strong and has overcome difficulties in her life. Seeing her in London was the best live experience I've ever had, even better than The Libertines or Morrissey!

The fourth picture is of my lovely dog Sookie who I talk about all the time, I'm a bit of a loser and have her as the background on my phone and let her sleep at the bottom of my bed. I had her for Christmas last year and she's the best present I've ever received.

The next picture is of some books because in case you didn't already know I work in a library. I love my job and it's what I want to do as a career and not just until I find something else. A lot of public libraries are facing cuts as I have mentioned in previous posts if you want to stop this there are protests on Saturday and you can find out more here.

The cupcakes are from The Hummingbird Bakery which I always visit when I go to London, I usually just get one with a cup of tea but everyone was so fed up of me going on about these cakes all the time so I brought a box home with me.

The little Welsh lady outfit makes me laugh, I had to wear this on St Davids day in school. I was born in Wales and have always lived here. It's very nice, you should pay us a visit!

The final picture is of Elphaba from the musical Wicked which is the best musical EVER and has the best song in it- Defying Gravity. I have seen it a few times in London and I cry when I hear DG, such a powerful song and my all time favourite.

Let me know if you take part in the challenge so I can check out your collage.

Is there anything that most people don't know about you?

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  1. I had planned to go to the Hummingbird bakery whilst in London, but somehow managed to stuff myself full at breakfast so only came as close as the shop window.

    I think Wicked sounds like a great musical, I am still singing Legally Blonde songs back in my head! I think musicals are just so much fun to see and experience :)

    And I have always admired Britney (however many times the press try and pull her down) xx

  2. I just had a look at the Nature Made Us Beautiful Tumblr and there was something that really resonated. There's a picture of a dress in front of a pink background and on top it says 'Feminine is not anti-feminist! Last night I went out with some fellow postgrad students and they started mocking skirts and the wearing of skirts. Yes, I was wearing a skirt. Talk about awkward. I didn't know what to say, but at that moment I felt like I didn't belong.

    I'd love to tell you something that most people don't know about me, but I just filled in a blogger award thingy with 7 facts about me and I'm all facted out! Here's a lame one: my nickname (among only the best of friends) is Princess Peach. Now that you know my last name maybe you can guess why! Thanks for letting me know about the package, I was actually a little bit worried that you'd posted it but it hadn't arrived and you thought that I was being rude by not saying anything!

  3. This is such a great idea!

  4. @Alice- Wicked is fab, there will be cast change soon but a few people are staying on but not Lee Mead sadly :(

    @Nicola- I totally agree with 'Feminine is not anti-feminist' and I also saw a quote on there from JK Rowling that was something like-Why is fat the worst thing you can be? surely it's worse to be shallow, cruel or vain? Going to go and read your facts now :)


    i also went to see her, she was amazing, everyone slated her for miming but the whole show was just amazing! I cried when she came out (As I did with Morrissey too haha) xx

  6. Cupcakes... Mmmmm

    Love the first photo of you, you can tell you're having a giggle :) xx

  7. @Cowbiscuits- She was amazing, I was right next to the stage and saw how happy she was when she was performing :)

    @Sarah- The cupcakes are soo good but I went to the Nottinghill shop in the summer and they weren't as ncie as usual so I was gutted. Old ladies told us off on the coach for being too loud that day haha xx

  8. How lovely! Those cupcakes look absolutely delicious. I love how colorful they are...really inspiring (I love baking and always appreciate being inspired in this way)! This challenge sounds really interesting, too...I'm going to have to go read about it. I did a series of body image interviews back in October for Love Your Body was super interesting and I always support self love and a positive body image!

    Anyway, this is my first time at your blog and I'm totally enjoying it. I'll be back for sure! :)

  9. Just been catching up on your posts, as I've been blog- lazy. Just want to quickly say- love love love! xx

  10. @Ashley- Thank you :) you can buy the Hummingbird Bakery cook book and make your own :) I'm not 100% happy wuth the way I look, who is? but I'm happy and confident and would love women to just relax and stop thinking they are abnormal, we are all so beautiful in our own way!

    @Kimber- Thanks, I get like that sometimes. I had day off in the week and spent it relaxing and reading lots of posts.

  11. Wonderful and intersting post. I love Wicked, DG is such an amazing song. HB cupcakes are gorgeous, I tried the black bottom ones for the first time yesterday and it was delicious! I love Britney too, when I saw her at the O2 I thought she was amazing =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  12. I would absolutely love a more diverse representation of women in fashion, I think it's so painfully long overdue and the industry is actually crying out for it. I really believe 'aspirational' editorials and rail thin models on the catwalk aren't working their magic the way they used to, and do you reckon (as I'm starting to) that this is in large part thanks to fashion blogging becoming a legitimate challenger to conventional fashion journalism? People want to look at 'ordinary' people in their clothes, people who were not pre-selected to make us feel and think according to a money-guaranteed formula. People find that more interesting now. Style blogging has turned the mentality away from 'look us because we're beautiful' towards 'look at me because you're beautiful' and that can only be a good thing.

    By the way thank you for your comment and the add, I'm now following you :)

  13. @Tea for Two- No problem :) Great point about blogging, I get far more insipration from bloggers than magazines. I can't afford designer clothing and it wouldn't fit me anyway. Who are the high fashion mags aimed at? There are very few people who have high levels of disposable income and who look like models. Style blogging and 'ordinary' girls have far more power and influence now and that's something I'm really excited about x


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