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By Gem - 18:15:00

Another boring work outfit sorry! I have been working a lot in the uni library recently because a few staff have left and I'm doing extra shifts to help out. I've got a few fun things planned soon though like going to see Frankie and the Heartstrings and going to the cinema and for lunch with friends this weekend so hopefully I will have more fun outfits to post.

Dress: New Look
Belt: New Look
Cardigan: George asda
Shoe: Very.co.uk

I found this great dress in a charity shop recently but I'm not 100% sure if I like it and I'm not sure what to wear with it but I couldn't leave it there, it was only £1.99! What do you think?

A few fun things to mention Miss P who I mentioned in my south Wales bloggers post is having a giveaway here and there is going to be a south west bloggers meet up and you can find out more details on Bee's blog vivatramp.

Got any exciting weekend plans? I'm working tonight, all day Saturday and Sunday, total nightmare :(

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  1. Love the dress - for £1.99 you definitely couldn't leave it there! I think it's the kind of dress that pretty much speaks for itself - I'd just wear something pretty simple with it, personally =]

  2. Thanks guys, might keep it :) I think a navy cardi would be fine it would cover up the sleeves which are an odd length. The charity shop I got it from in Ystrad Mynach always has something good :)

  3. love the dress - kinda nautical - I'd be tempted to cut it short and wear it over ankle jeans

    ann x

  4. Good idea Ann! it's really long and it would only take a few mins to take it up on the sewing machine :) x

  5. That dress is such a good find! I'd take the sleeves off, take it up to knee length and wear it with a belt and a net skirt underneath to give the skirt some extra shape :D

  6. I love those shoes.

    Cute dress! If it's the wrong length for you definitely take it up, but if the sleeves are too long then I'd just roll them up. Less work, and I actually think rolled up sleeves are the height of cool. 50s, T-Bird style cool. It needs a belt too, but I'm sure you know that already.

    This weekend I'm going to see Never Let Me Go, then off to my favourite all you can eat Chinese. I'm really looking forward to it. Sucks that you have to work, but pennies pennies pennies!

  7. Love your shoes!

    I really like your charity shop dress, love the pocket and button detailing.

    I'm going shopping tomorrow weeeeeeeee! xx

  8. I love that dress but if you need someone to take it off yours hands.....hehe xx

  9. Thanks for all the help girls :) deffo going to take it up and I do have a net skirt I can put underneath, would give it a really nice shape.

    @Nicola- Chinese is my fave, rolling up the sleeves is a great idea also no sewing involved :)

    @Sarah- ooh hope you find a nice dress!

  10. loovee the charity shop dress, very nautical!
    and hello to youu <33
    Rosie xo :)

  11. I love the shoes! I need to get myself a pair like that!

  12. I love that dress, I think it would look really nice taken up to knee length. I also really love your shoes, they're lovely. I think I will go to the south west bloggers meetup, scary!

  13. LOVe the shoes, I bought a similar pair from topshop over a year ago but find them so uncomfortable that I never wear them!! Love the stripy dress to and I agree with Roise that it would look even better taken up a couple of inches =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  14. @Hannah- these ones from very are soft! no pain at all :) I tried a leather pair on in River Island yesterday and they were so rigid I know I couldn't buy them x

  15. That's a really cute dress! :)

  16. Beautiful shoes!
    Come to my blog and if you love it we can follow eachother!


  17. That dress is lovely and such a good price! I think the button detailing is really lovely, I always find it hard to style older/vintage pieces, I would be inclined to team it with a cardigan and leggings, and the brooch is adorable xx

  18. love the dress you found - what a bargain!!:)


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