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By Gem - 14:05:00

Just a quick post today as I've not been anywhere exciting, just been working a lot this week. I wore this to work yesterday and I look really grumpy and tired because it was about 8am when I took this picture, I am soo not a morning person.

Dress: Very
Cardigan: Asda
Leggings: Evans
Shoes: style 369

I just booked tickets to see Alice which is a Scottish Ballet production and I can't wait! I've never been to see the ballet before so it will be a new experience for me. The tickets only cost £10 because I'm under 26 which I think is a great incentive to get young people to go to the theatre.

Have you been ever been to a ballet performance? Going to see any exciting theatre productions soon?

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  1. This dress is adorable! You look lovely :) I need to check out Yours more often - their website puts me off unfortunately!

    Also, what an amazing deal to go to the ballet! I hope you have an awesome time :)

  2. I love your dress, I haven't shopped on Very yet but this dress is very nice! I've seen The Nutcracker at the Ballet which was beautiful, I'm sure Alice will be great, I really need to go more often before I turn 26! xx

  3. Thanks girls :) Very has some fab things especially in the Fearn Cotton range which goes up to a size 20 I think.
    Excited about the ballet and I need to find something to wear now...

  4. That dress is gorgeous! You look lovely too, not tired or grumpy a all! :)x

  5. Thanks Charlene, I'm so mardy in the morning. Everyone knows it's best to leave me alone until I've had a cuppa xx

  6. I've been reading your blog for a while now, but never commented - you look lovely and that's such a pretty dress!

    Also I want to go see that ballet, I read about it a week or two ago, and it looks like fun. Too few young people go see things like that nowadays, how sad!

  7. I love that dress, it is so cute! Going to the ballet is always fun, you'll really enjoy it!


  8. aw i love this dress i admired it in the very catelogue and really wish id bought it now! :) x

  9. Thanks guys, I bet you could find it on ebay :)
    Still don't know what I'm going to wear to the ballet but I have until May to decide! x

  10. love the dress, the print is adorable <3

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  11. Love the dress Gem! Is it recent? You look lovely as usual xx

  12. @Sarah-Thanks,I've had it for a while but it was a lovely sunny day and I remembered I had this dress, I felt very spring like :) rained when I got out of work though haha xx

  13. I love that dress, the colour and print are both beautiful and it's such a lovely fit too xx

  14. this dress is so adorable! and i hope you enjoy the ballet, i've been several times before and absolutely love it :) x

  15. I went to see Edward Scissorhands the ballet probably about 5 years ago now, the only ballet I've seen. It was a similar incentive, this company used to offer all kinds of theatre tickets to school/college students for a fiver! I saw things like ballet which I'd never have gone to see otherwise.

    Have fun at the ballet! :)

  16. oh wow I love Edward Scissorhands, wish I could have seen that. The National Theatre in London run a similar scheme for under 25's, you get your first ticket for free and then tickets are only £10.
    Can't wait now but I have months to wait :( x


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