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This is the new dress I bought in asda last night, it was only £12 and is nice and light. I wore it in work all day today and it was very comfy. I must say I bought it because it matched the cardi I bought from H&M.
Don't I look mardy?! I have been in a good mood all day so I don't know why I couldn't crack a smile for a photo...

Dress: Asda
Cardi: H&M
Belt: Topshop

The print is very nice on this and although I have lots of floral dresses none of them are quite like this. I would say its more Hawaiian floral than my usual English garden.Have you had any cheap supermarket  clothing buys recently?

I went to Bristol on Monday to see Frankie and the Heartstrings again and I had a fab time.  It was a Topman student CTRL party but I managed to sneak in without a student ID, hurrah! The gig was in The Fleece which is one of my favourite venues, nice and small with a high stage so you can see everything. The band were in the same hotel as us which must have been rubbish for them because Bristol Central Travelodge was proper grotty, the cream lampshades were so dirty and it was really shabby. It was cheap though... We came downstairs in the lift and when the doors opened the band were standing there, promise I wasn't stalking them or anything! I tried to act cool but I was probably a complete dork.

Me and Emma got some Percy Pigs for the journey, I love them! I tried to do an outfit post before the gig but the lighting in the room was awful so I only have a dodgy photo in front of the camera. I wore my fave h&m dress and my new h&m cardi. Do you think Frankie looks like a young Morrissey or is it just me?

I'm in work all day tomorrow and Saturday and have an assignment to write so my weekend isn't going to be very exciting :( I do get a week off for Easter soon though and I'm planning a little trip away, maybe to Manchester.  What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. ooooh jealous you went to see frankie and the heartstrings (again!), i would have been totally fangirling if i'd seen them in the hotel! haha. your cardigan is such a pretty colour, i love that rose shade x

  2. Love the print! Sadly in Australia we don't have dresses at supermarkets;) which would be great for when I go on shopping bans - my exception is always anything that can be purchased at a supermarket.

  3. I love your dress! I can never find anything good in the supermarkets near me, but Tesco online is pretty good :)

  4. Oh very nice dress. The colours in the dress and cardi are perfect on you. Glad to hear you had a good time in Bristol at the gig.

    I'm working on Saturday but on Sunday my friend and I are going to a boot sale I haven't been to for years! x

  5. I definitely see the tropical/Hawaiian vibe to this print! It's lovely paired with your cardi, and what a steal of a deal on the dress!

  6. Very pretty dress, it goes lovely with your cardigan :) I used to live near a large Tesco and they had some great clothes, my local stores are pretty rubbish though. I miss my impulse clothes buying to go with my bread and teabags! x

  7. love that dress, i wish our asda was better, they do clothes but only tracksuits really ;(

  8. I love this dress it looks gorgeous on you. I think I'm shopping in the wrong supermarkets the dresses in the Asda by me, most definatley don't look like this! :) X

  9. Love the dress, it's very pretty on you!! No plans for the weekend yet! hope it's sunny and warm !!!

    jos xx

  10. So glad you had a wonderful time at Frankie and the Heartstrings, and that about the hotel, how cool is that! I would have been so embarrassed and lost for words.

    That dress is lovely, I never tend to look at supermarket clothes, but this goes to show there are some real beauties to be had xxx

  11. Lovely dress, maybe I'll have to buy it haha.
    Glad you had fun. I'm going to Cardiff for the rugby tomorrow xx

  12. The Fleece, I love that place!

  13. haha I didn't know bands stay in travel lodges! The glamour eh...

  14. @Helen- I know, poor band. They've been on the road for a year now, must be sick of Travelodge.

  15. hey!
    i tagged you in my most recent post, a handwriting challenge :)

    love the dress! :D

    Rosie xoxo

  16. hey, just found your blog, now folllowing :) cute dress :)

  17. Your night out sounds fun. I sort of see the young Morrissey thing but ugh, my thing for Morrissey is absurd hehe.


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