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By Gem - 10:27:00

I went on  course yesterday and I really enjoyed it. It's and ILM Leadership and Management course and I will be going every Wednesday for the next five weeks. It's just for women and tries to break down barriers that stop women from becoming managers and progressing in their career. The course was attended by so many lovely lovely women, I can't wait to go back next week even though we will be having assignments.

I finished the course at 4 so I thought I would have a little browse around Blackwood. Blackwood isn't a very good place for shopping, there are a few charity shops, a tiny New Look and Dorothy Perkins and one or two pretty small stores and the rest is poundshops and takeaways. I had a £5 off voucher for No7 so I went into Boots and found this great little varnish set which only cost me £3 with the voucher. There are two lov ely metallics, one dark burgundy and a green with gold glitter.

I also got these little gems that come in all different shapes, my favourites are the little hearts and pearl gems. Not sure what look I am going to do with these yet...

There is a new shop in Blackwood called IZZIT and it's full of nasty tutu's, JLS merchandise and anything else someone of a chavvy disposition would need. I did have a good snoop around in there and I discovered a whole section with nail aret supplies! I was pretty excited because they had nail art pens in a variety of colours, gems, a great selection of fake nails and some great glitter polishes. I bought these little nail art stickers and even though they are a little tacky I think they look great on.

I also got these 17 polishes and blush in Boots, they were 3 for 2 and at such a cheap price I couldn't resist. I bought the shades Ruby Gem and Forever. I'm in work for the next three days so I chose a subtle look and went for the Forever nude shade and tried out my nail stickers and this is the look I achieved...

I think they look pretty cute but my my Mam thinks they look like a 5 yr olds nails, harsh Mam!

I'm looking for some nail art inspriation so I would love it if you could send me links to some great looks you have created.

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  1. I think your nails look really cute! I love those stickers, I keep meaning to have a look for some similar.
    I went on a little bit of a Boots haul yesterday too, got three 17 polishes (inc. Forever!) and 2 No7 polishes with those £5 vouchers! I like the colours you got in the set, I didn't see that available where I looked :(
    Glad you enjoyed your course, it sounds exciting! x

  2. Oh I adore those stickers, too cute! Daisies are my favourites c: <3

  3. Haha that is such a "mum" comment, sort of thing mine would say!
    I think they look lovely!

  4. oh i really like the stickers, i've been really wanting to do some proper nail art, but worried i'll make a total mess of it, so maybe stickers are an easy place to start!

  5. I love discovering a bargain in those sorts of shops that sell the most unappealing goods. I have never really gotten into nail art (I don't have the nails for it) but often admire other peoples fabulous nails.

    The 17 Blush looks lovely xx

  6. soso cute!
    i want to do this now :')
    Rosie xo

  7. I'm going on a course tomorrow, it's called Supporting and Promoting HE Applications, I'm really looking forward to it. It's about encouraging people who wouldn't ordinarily consider uni to go, so anyone who is working class, no one in their family has been before, or people with a disability, or anyone who's been in care. It's really interesting stuff and I feel strongly about getting more under-represented groups into uni. :)

    I can't believe you went in a shop called IZZIT. The shame! Your nails look really cute though, and I want some nail pens, so I'm a bit tempted to pop into our local chav shops now.

  8. Those nails are cute! Nail stickers are never something I'd usually pick up but after seeing them on it's something I'll have to re-consider. :) xx

  9. aww your nails look so cute!!! i have nail envy. x

  10. Your nails look so adorable! I love the nude base colour, looks gorgeous :)

    If you're looking for good nail inspiration, Cosmetic Cupcake is a lovely nail blog! These are some of my favourites by her:




    Sooo cute ^_^

  11. aw i think they look really sweet!

  12. Thanks everyone!
    @Lucy- I love those vouchers, I wouldn't usually go and buy all those nail varnishes but with the voucher and 3 for 2 deal I couldn't just leave them there.

    @dinoproncesschar- they were so easy to use, I would be useless at drawing things on so I thought I would give these a go.

    @Alice- you have to look in poundshops and cheapy stores, sometime they have amazing things.

    @Nicola- the name of the shop is so funny, there are bright pink tutu's in the window and JLS hoodies so I don't even know why I went in there. Your course sounds fab and would really help people in the s.wales valley's where I'm from. Not that many people go to uni here and I was the first in my family to go.

    @Charlene- they looked a little tacky in the pack but the tiny little flowers are adorable, not sure I will use the bigger ones much but they might look cute in the summer.

    @Alex- Thanks for that, I'm always looking for new blogs and inspiraiton :)

  13. Daisy nail stickers are so cute. I have old nail stickers stuffed in my nail polish box and I've never really thought about using them, very tempted to do so now :)

  14. I like the colors and nail art here:

    Minnie Mouse Nails

    Black on black

    I need to buy some Matte-ifying solution in order to do these nails.

  15. Thanks Jennifer, love the sound of Minnie Mouse nails!

  16. I'm not normally a fan of nail art as for my personal taste I find it too much however yours is so cute and understated. I love it! x

  17. They are not!! I love them! What a great idea, the course focused on helping women progress in their careers!! It's actually shocking learning the numbers of women in top companies postitions! I think in Germany, whose prime minister is a woman, only 3% of all CEOs are women! That's is ridiculous!

  18. your nails look too cute, seriously! im a fan of nail art, even if im too bad in doing it!


  19. Your nails look SO cuteee!!! xx

  20. Love, love, love your nails. Gives you a good reason to avoid the dishes for a while! I would want to keep them pristine for as long as I could xx

  21. Aww those nail stickers are the cutest! Ive been thinking about getting some nail gems for a while. May invest soon... X

  22. I think your nails look great! Wish i could get mine to do the same but they are terrible! x

  23. Awww those daisies are so cute!
    Are the diamantes from boots too?
    Love the blog - new follower :D


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