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I'm continuing with Britney songs as titles, the album isn't as good as Blackout but I still lover her. This is what I wore to the Islwyn Labour Youth social on Sunday. It's a bit dressed up for the pub but I wore it with a cardi and I want to wear all my nice dresses before they get too big :)

Is it just me or are my eyes a bit wonky here? this was taken post wine consumption though...

Dress: Evans
Belt: Peacocks
Hair clip: H&M
Shoes: Primark

I got the shoes on my Saturday after work shopping trip, I only went for a browse and ended up with 5 pairs of shoes, a belt and some Topshop makeup... oops. I'm loving the shoes, they were only £10 and they are very comfy. The belt was bargain for £3 in Peacocks too.

Thanks for all your lovely comments after my moan about having to move in my last post. I went to look at a house today that needs a lot of work but it's next to a very pretty church, I'm feeling a lot more positive about moving from my lovely home now. All good things come to an end etc

I post on Where Are My Knees? earlier today about the importance of eating a good breakfast and posted a recipe and a diet plan comparison last week if you missed it.

Hope you all had a good start to your week

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  1. That sounds like my sort of browsing lol
    I'm sure everything blogging and photo wise will get easier with practise! I did my first outfit photos at the weekend (not yet had chance to put them up) we went to our local park, was quite embaressing lol struggling to find a clutter free place at home to take them.
    Hope your well xxx

  2. I agree about Britters, bit of a disappointing album but my love for her will never fade! Really like your shoes!
    Glad you're feeling more positive about the move, hope it all works out :) xx

  3. I have these shoes, brought them in black too. You are right they are so comfy, well worth the tenner!
    Love the dress especially with the belt!

  4. Love the shoes! They're really cute! :)


  5. I love those shoes, I was contemplating buying them last time I was in Primark, they look great! The dress is pretty too, the lace detailing is so pretty x

  6. cute blog and outfit! if you have a minute you should check out my bloggy and follow if you like!
    your newest follower

  7. Your eyes don't look wonky, you just look like you're up to no good lol

    Lovely outfit :) x

  8. I love the touch of colour added but the belt and hair flower :) great finds X

  9. What we all want to know is have you bought anything from the Pearl Lowe collection at Peacocks yet???!

    Miss P xx

  10. cuuuute dress!
    love the lace detail and the flower ^.^
    i've tagged you with the kreativ blogger award!
    (sorry for all the tagging lately ^.^)

  11. Lovely dress and the flower and belt add a great wee bit of colour! I love how smiley you always are in your pics.x

  12. I think this outfit is lovely, Gem - not too dressed up at all?!

  13. what a lovely dress! not too dressy at all, you've styled it really well :) love the shoes x

  14. this is such a pretty outfit <3 love your dress and shoes!! and the bow is such a cute touch!!

  15. You look amazing, slightly drunk eyes and all ;)

    Maria xxx

  16. Such a lovely outfit!
    And I'm sorry this is so annoying, but all my emails deleted and I've lost the contact details for my pen pal! I was wondering if you could send them again? Sorry! You can email me at

  17. love the lace sleeves on that dress!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  18. Love the buff shoes with the black ensemble and touch of red in the belt! So great!

  19. Thanks guys, deffo going back to get the shoes in black now!

    @GRUNGE+GLAM- I emailed you :)

    All these comments cheered me up, it's been a long week!!

  20. I love those shoes! I really need some loafers.

  21. I love this dress, lace is so classic and timeless. The coral accoressories compliment the black perfectly xx

  22. That dress is gorgeous & I love the pop of colour with the belt. You look fab bb!

  23. The dress looks amazing on you!!

    Love your blog!!


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