Day-dreaming of One of the Pillars of Hercules

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As you might be able to tell, I really quite like travelling when I can. Though the next year is looking to be a busy one, I have had the chance to daydream a bit. With so many great places to visit across Europe alone, at least there is no shortage of possible stops! And one of the pillars of Hercules might just be one of these. 
The place I'm talking about is Gibraltar, who is also known as one of the pillars of Hercules from its very early history. I realise it's not quite the same as the places I've visited before, like the national trust Oast House I visited in February, but I really think that Gibraltar could be a really rewarding visit at some point in the future. For example, if you've seen their Highest Point (not higher than 425 meters) it's a really stunning view. And it actually has its own little piece of quite interesting history, as you can also find O'Hara's Battery, which is an artillery fortification built in 1890. The fun for us, and unfortunate for O'Hara, is that it quickly adapted the name “O'Hara's Folly” as from a military strategic point of view it soon proved almost useless. 

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Though, if I was there I would probably stop by the Moorish Castle, what is more tempting is definitely to see the stunning natural phenomenon that has been dubbed St. Michael's Cave. I mean, those kind of cave structures that creates halls and compartments that almost seem designed is in itself quite amazing. That it is tied to various legends and stories doesn't calm the intrigue either. 

Gibraltar isn't the biggest place either, which can be a good and bad thing really, depending on what you like. Though I'm thinking that if you're staying for a few days, that it is small can be nice. It's just about a 10 minute drive from the St. Michael's Cave to the Main Street (or a nice 1 hour hike), where you can really take in the nice weather over a chilled drink, maybe a wine or two? 

The really rather interesting thing about small places like this is that they have so many different aspects to their character within such a limited area. Like I mentioned, St. Michaels' is rather centre of the island, and earlier this month, it really was just a short trip down to the bay where LadyLucks hosted their Roulette Masters grand final which started off online and then the final was live. That a roulette tournament starts off online, and then transcends into its final stages in a physical location is itself something new. And almost as brilliant as being able to walk from a beautiful naturally created hall to the man-made charming restaurants with a view of the sea-side. 

All in all, it's mostly day dreaming for now. After all, there's plenty of locations that are closer that deserve a proper visit too. But maybe one day a trip just south of Spain could be a thing to do, considering its remarkably varied sources of veritable pass-times ranging from hiking, to roulette, to the many various Churches and Cathedrals (both man-made and not)! 

At any rate, if it happened that this sparked an unknown desire for you to visit Gibraltar, I suggest visiting this site as it offers plenty of information.

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