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I've already mentioned that I sold my lovely house but this week me and my Mam found a new one. We had to give my dad half of the money from the sale of the house so we weren't left with much money to buy a new one.
I have lived in this house since I was 11 years old and have a lot of memories attached to that place. I lived there through school, college and moved out for a while when I was at uni. Had my 18th and 21st birthday parties there and fell in and out of love whilst being an inhabitant.

My new house smells like old people, has a green bathroom suite and brown carpets. But it has a lovely garden, nice sized bedrooms, fab wooden floor and it's next to a beautiful church!
I'm hoping that after some painting, ripping up carpets and replacing the hideous bathroom I will have a lovely new home.

I NEED YOUR HELP! Do you know any great places where I can buy some lovely things for my bedroom? Do you know any inspirational blogs about interiors or craft/diy? I don't really like anything modern and I'm going for mostly white with a little blue and pink theme. I'm going to keep it light and fresh because the house is old and some parts are a little dark.
I really want to create one of those walls with lots of frames and photos on like this-

I'm getting rather excited about decorating and getting a little carried away because the house doesn't even have a kitchen, so my room will have to wait for a while!


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  1. I love the look of your new house, looks like it will be cosy & homely.

    Dunelm Mill, Ikea, The range - for high street stuff




    Especially love the last site!



  2. H&M do lovely home things... also Ikea but I don't know where your nearest store is...

  3. H&M sent a little brochure through recently and they had lots of nice things!
    I live near Cardiff which has a huge ikea.
    I'm going to get some home mags for inspiration x

  4. wow so many memories in your old house, bet you are excited to make tonnes more in this one! i love bedrooms with fairy lights and bunting. you can get them from ikea and dunelm mill! x

  5. Habitat and Urban Outfitters are amazing for cute little bits and pieces :)

  6. Hi lovely, your new house looks lovely i hope that you are so happy there.
    I love decorating and when i moved back home i spent 2 week kitting out my childhood room in to the beautiful space it is now! I had new floors , walls everything the lot. I found BnQ surprisingly fabulous and the men that work there gave me lots of tips. Also BnM for cheap shelving and durtain rails. I got lots of old shoe boxes and spend days decoupaging to make them pretty. I got lots of furnishings from TKmax then all the usual plaes like urban outfitters and primark. In fact i may create a post on where a found all my cool bedroom things........
    I found a beautiful mirror for £5 at a local carboot.


  7. The outside of your new place looks lovely! Good luck with your decorating and making it your own.

  8. I'm excited for you! I loved decorating our house, I'm so proud of it now when I think back to the horrific patterned, bumpy wallpapers and blue flowery carpet! So nice to put your own stamp on it.

    I bought a lot of my things from Wilkinsons (the wallpaper there is amazing and very cheap!) and also buy a lot of accessories from ebay. Next do lovely homeware stuff but I find they're overpriced. xx

  9. That's so weird, today I've been meaning to write a post asking this exact question! I'm moving into a flat next month and my plan for decorating sounds a lot like yours. I've been pinning pictures in Pinterest, you might want to give it a look because I have lots of walls with collections of pictures/maps/other framed goodies, it seems: http://pinterest.com/sweethearts/spaces/

    Fab wooden floors sounds good!

  10. I am so jealous! Myself and Mr Attic live in rented so I am allowed to do so little to our little bungalow!

  11. Thanks for the tips guys! @Danielle Rose- I love that shoe box idea!!! I'm going to do this and put all my make up in them. Fun little project for me tomorrow :) xx

  12. Sad to leave the memories behind but think of all the new ones you can make at this house. It looks lovely too. I like nosying in the TK Maxx home section or even better if you have a Home Sense near you (it's their sister company that is just houseware). x

  13. It looks so lovely! Etsy are amazing, search for what you want and click the 'lower price' button. It's a life saver. x hivenn

  14. I love designsonpine for bedroom things x

  15. Good luck in your new home.
    Do you have TK Maxx (or their sister shop Homesense) near you? They're fab for cheap homeware as are charity shops. 90% of the stuff in my home is from charity shops, bootsales etc. There are some links on my blog if you click throughsome older posts.


  16. Congratulations on moving, will be so nice to have somewhere new to decorate :)

    Maria xxx

  17. Hi There,

    Just came across your blog. I also live in South Wales, Pontypridd I thought you may like to look at this blog-http://thewhiteapproach.blogspot.com/
    Karen has renovated her whole home using second hand finds and bargains (and a lot of hard work).
    I'm sure you'll love her taste, and any advice needed, just ask her and all the lovely ladies who follow her blog, we all love a bargain...

  18. Good luck on decorating. Make sure you have a good supply of tea bags/coffee. They are life-savers when things become unbearable :)
    Have a great Easter weekend.

  19. Get yourself on Gumtree for homewares (more furniture-y stuff obvs) - I've had some right goodies and dead cheap!


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