Whitchurch Charity Shop Finds

By Gem - 18:30:00

I haven't had time to bargain hunt in charity shops for a while since I started working 6 days a week but I had a whole week off for Easter and I took the chance to have a little snoop around the shops in Whitchurch.
I was looking for things to furnish my room with when I move in to my new house but I ended up buying lots of kitchenware, I can't resist it!

I got the set of 6 glasses for £2. They are so tacky, I love them!

I managed to find something for my room, this print was only 25p and it's going to go on my frame collage wall. I'm going to try and find some more frames and paint them and I might even try and create a little art to put in them.

How could I leave this little beauty there? There were so many lovey tea cups and full tea sets but my collection is pretty big now and I don't need too many more.

Whitchurch in Cardiff is a ruthless place to go bargain hunting, I saw a leather satchel in one shop, went to get some money to pay for it and by the time I got back someone else had nabbed it!! If you are ever in Cardiff you should pop in to Whitchurch, I always find something good in the shops there. It has a lovely high street.

My blue nails were starting to look a little shabby but I didn't have time to paint them again so I just put some of the Barry M Nail Effects on top to refresh them.
Have you picked up any bargains recently? do you love a good rummage in a jumble sale and charity shop?

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  1. Wow I love the tea set. Its the sort of thing I want to fill my house with when I finally get round to moving out!
    I brought a topshop dress the other day in a charity shop. Only £7 I think and its so lovely! Looks like a vintage find!

  2. i love those wine glasses, pure fabulous tack! i'm a little bit jealous! x

  3. The glasses at the top are beautiful i love a bit of tack. I lveo a good charity shop find.xx

  4. wine glasses are such a gem!!


  5. Wow, I don't drink tea but I think I definitely need to start collecting teacups - sooo cute!!

  6. This is what I do when my nail varnish starts coming off and I don't have time/can't be bothered to change it. Love the tea cup and sounds like your bedroom will look gorgeous xxx

  7. Those glasses are amazing! I love when I find a bargain :)

    Maria xxx

  8. what a find i love the glasses,i so love a bargain,that nail polish is so cool :)

  9. I love having a nosy around charity shops, sometimes you can find some real gems. I buy quite a few bits of clothing from them. Love your finds and your amazing colour nails, they're fab.
    I tagged you for an award on my blog :)

  10. I love the glasses! I don't know what you're planning to drink out of them, but it should definitely be sparkling.

  11. I love how you fixed your nails. That is a brilliant idea. I will have to try that using the O.P.I. Shatter polish that I have.

    You are a genius!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. Awesome finds Gem! Love the wine glasses espesh. I do volunteering in Whitchurch but it's always in the eve so the chazza shops aren't open. Will praps have to bus it along in the day for a snoop.

  13. The nail effects is fab for putting over nail varnish that's not looking it's best, I love it! :) fab buys! xx

  14. Wow I love those wine glasses, what a find! I also use the crackle effect to freshen up my nails, love it!

  15. don't think i've been in there yet!
    ill have to pop in next term :D
    love the china ;)
    Rosie xo

  16. lol i totally love that barry m nail effect! i cant stop using it!xoxo

  17. Those wine glasses are amazing, I love them!
    It's been sooo long since I've had a good rummage through the charity shops, I definitely need to have a day out looking for bargains soon!

  18. ooohh my gosh, the tea set is gorgeous!
    Also, your comment made me giggle so much - the wedding definitely was like the female world cup! haha, brilliant :D x

  19. that print is lovely! great finds :)

  20. Great finds there, you did well! I really want to go to Whitchurch now, haven't been for AGES! Maybe you could try this with some of your teacup finds:

  21. My mum works in one of the charity shops in Whitchurch which is a great way for me to get rid of clothes I don't want and she picks up some great bargains. She brought home a (proper) retro record player last week, it's fab. She brought home a tea set a few weeks ago too having decided to start collecting them.

    Your tea set is really pretty, it looks so dainty.

  22. I love a good bargain, and thrifting is one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon. I recently did a haul video about a bunch of stuff I picked up at a salvation army. So fabulous. www.curvycanadian.blogspot.com

  23. your nails look fab and I love that picture! :) xx


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