Monday, 30 May 2011

Hereford, Hay on Wye and Pay day!

Hey guys, it's been another busy week for me and I didn't feel the benefit of having a long weekend at all!

I did get to go to my favourite place on Wednesday- Hay-on-Wye. I spend all my day working with books and then spend my days off in bookshops! Hay on Wye is a tiny town on the Welsh/English border and has a great literary festival there every year which I went to and Hay-on-Wye has thirty bookshops, most selling second-hand books. I also popped to Hereford on the way to Hay and had an amazing cream tea although I'm not too sure it was a good choice for my waistline.
Here are some of my photos from my lovely day out-

Have you been away this bank holiday weekend?

After 2 weeks of being skint I finally get paid tomorrow, hurrah! I've spent all of my money on buying things for when I move house and I've been eating beans on toast and rice pudding in work everyday to save money, gross.
 I've already seen what I want to spend my money on-

I love these dresses from Dorothy Perkins and they are £25, bargain!

I've already ordered the stripey one and used a 10% discount code that you get if you like the DP facebook page (DPFB10) and there was free delivery.

What are you eyeing up at the moment? are you enjoying the bank holiday weekend?

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fat Quarter- Cardiff Article

One or two of you lovely ladies asked if the article I wrote for Fat Quarter would be available online so I thought I would put my original copy on here (the final article was edited slightly)-

'Cardiff is a small city with a population of just 328,000 but there is plenty to do here. With over 20,000 university students living in Cardiff it has a really young feel.

Cardiff boasts an array of Victorian and Edwardian arcades which are home to lots of unique stores and caf├ęs.
Wally’s delicatessen is based in the Royal Arcade and stocks a great variety of meats, cheese, whole foods and sauces. It’s also a great place to pick up American treats like a box of Lucky Charms and Reese’s Cups.

One of Cardiff’s most famous shops, Spillers Records, the oldest records store in the world, has recently relocated to Morgan Arcade – its 3rd home since opening in 1894. Spillers offer a diverse selection of music on both CD and vinyl. They host some great in store acoustic sessions and the staff have a vast music knowledge and don’t mind you spending hours flicking through all the great records.

Cardiff isn’t just a top shopping destination there’s also plenty of culture on offer. National Museum Wales is hosting a programme of exhibitions to celebrate LGBT History Month during February. People, Personalities and Power: Faces from Wales is a display of Welsh portraits from the museum’s collection and is on display until Sunday 8 May. The display will include recently acquired photographs by Angus McBean, including a self-portrait by McBean and a pair of portraits of Welsh actor and playwright Emlyn Williams. There will also be a talk about how Angus McBean’s sexuality influenced his work, more details can be found here-

(obviously this bit is a tad dated now but the museum currently has a fab Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition and a new collection of contemporary silversmithing called Silverstruck)

For a great night out try Chick Habit. It’s a club night at Undertone (basement of 10 Feet Tall) that only plays indie, pop and Motown records sung by girls.
Cardiff is Europe’s newest and smallest capital but that’s no bad thing.'

A few more Cardiff related things for you here...

I've mentioned Cardiff Arcades Project blog before but it's well worth another look. Amy Davies takes the most wonderful photos of the shops and the people in Cardiff's arcades, here are some examples of her work-


And finally...

Going to Hay on Wye and Hereford with my best friend tomorrow and I can't wait! Only 4 weeks left in work until I get summer off and go on lots of day trips, can you recommend any good places in the UK for a trip? Do you have any fave places in Wales and the west? xx

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Generation X

This is another dress that has been lurking in my wardrobe and hasn't been worn for years. It was far too small for me but it fits perfectly now. I used to wear it to gigs quite a lot and it reminds me of early 90s grunge hence the post title. I wore it to work yesterday with flats and then popped some heels and red lipstick on to go out in the evening for food with my family so it's quite a versatile dress.

Dress: Very
Cardigan: Asda
Shoes: Evans
Leggings: New Look

Have you rediscovered anything in your wardrobe recently? It will soon be time to dig out all your summer clothes that have been forgotten, what do you think will be an essential in your summer wardrobe this year?

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Friday, 20 May 2011

Animal Nitrate

Hello! sorry about the lack of outfit posts recently, my brother is the photographer and he is refusing to get up in the morning to take photos, how rude! So I've done a self timer effort on the fireplace, very professional non?
I wore this outfit to work yesterday because I'm doing a lot of shelving at the moment and sorting trolleys so I want to be in something practical and bending over to shelve books in a dress isn't a good look.
Top: Next
Cardigan: Asda
Shorts: New Look
Brooch: Accessorize

I've been wearing my orange YSL lipstick and gloss this week because it was quite pricey and I never wear it, it seemed like such a waste. I love it even though my mam says I look like La Roux. I really need to cut my fringe...

I wanted to show you this ace brooch that my brother bought me, it was on sale in Burton for £2! It pays to have a look in the mens accessories section,  Charlene from Dainty Dresses has a really cool key necklace from Topman and I wouldn't have really thought of looking in there.

My copy of Fat Quarter arrived yesterday and I was super excited and flicked through to find the article I wrote about Cardiff in it. Fat Quarter is a great magazine 'for, about and by intelligent, savvy, creative, crafty women' so check it out. 

What are your plans for the weekend? I guess a lot of you have exams at the moment so good luck with those!

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fat Frocks Shop

As I've mentioned previously, I'm moving to a new house soon so I had a big clear out and I've started to pack up some of my old clothes. I found lots of lovely things that don't fit me any more and I thought I would sell them to raise funds to buy lots of cushions for my new bedroom :)

Here are a few items that I'm selling-

You can take a look at all the items I have listed over at-
Fat Frocks Shop
There are lots of different items ranging from a size 12-24 so go and grab yourself a bargain!

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Cancer Research Wales Bridal Suite

I’ve always been a big fan of charity shops, they are great places to pick up a vintage bargain at a budget price but I was a little skeptical when I was invited to take a look around the new Cancer Research Wales Bridal Boutique. Wedding dresses in a charity shop? Surely they would all be dated, who would want to wear a second hand dress on their wedding day? I was so wrong…

Many people are not sure about wearing second hand wedding dresses, but if Kate Moss was wearing a vintage gown, would you think of it as second hand? Probably not. Kate is a huge fan of vintage clothes and always looks fantastic. So why can't you wear a second or even third hand dress with pride?

The Bridal Suite really has everything you and your loved ones need to look great on your wedding day. The suite stocks everything from fabulous hats for the Mother of the Bride, adorable outfits for the flower girls and ushers and finishing touches like shoes and tiaras. I really loved the favours that the Bridal Suite have created; you can buy personalised cards with pin badges in a variety of colours and designs. They are a really great way to ensure that your guests have something to take away with them to remember the day while also supporting cancer research and the Velindre Hospital here in Wales.

There is something to suit brides off all shapes and ages and no matter what your tastes there will be something that takes your fancy at the Bridal Suite. There are great once-worn dresses generously donated but also brand new pieces to choose from for a fraction of their original price. The dresses are all of a very high quality and my favorite was a very simple A-line number which would look great paired with some antique pearls and a simple up-do.

A wedding does not need to break the bank; times are a little tough at the moment so if you can pick up a £1000 dress for £300 why not save yourself some money? With the dresses all being very reasonably priced you can afford to get them altered or add some extra detail and really put your own stamp on the dress.

I also loved the idea that these dresses had a story; it's a rather romantic thought that someone had their special day wearing the same dress. You could even donate the dress you get from the Bridal Suite back to the shop so that someone else can feel beautiful in it. It's certainly an ethical way to shop.

If you want to save cash on one of the most expensive parts of your wedding while giving to a great cause you need to visit the Cancer Research Wales Bridal Suite in Whitchurch!

You can find the shop at- 55 Penlline Rd,Whitchurch

To arrange a viewing of the Bridal Suite or to make a donation of your wedding dress or outfit call 029 2031 6976

Helping you make informed choices at our BMI Private Hospitals in Manchester

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Monday, 16 May 2011

Pen Pal Exchange Update

I would love to know how you are all getting along with the pen pal scheme, you can send in any stories or photos of your letters and I will pop them in a post. I hope to re open the sheme in the summer for anyone who missed out last time or if you would just like another pen pal.

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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Eurovision Night In & Motel Rocks Competition

I was supposed to go out after work last night but I live in a silly town that only has buses and trains to Cardiff once an hour and they stop at half 10 at night so I ended up staying in to watch Eurovision which I didn't mind too much because I watch it every year.  Much less hassle.
Here's what I wore to work on Saturday-

Very casual for me and didn't photograph too well but it was a comfy outfit for a busy day in work.

Tunic: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt: ASOS
Leggings: Evans
Shoes: Primark

I got in to the Eurovision spirit with a hat and some euro themed snacks.

Did you watch? who did you vote for?
My faves were Ireland, Denmark Sweden was ok and I thought the Hungary song would do much better. Italy #2, really?!

A picture of Sookie just because she's lovely!
Someone from Motel Rocks emailed me about this competition and I thought I would pass the info on because you can get something for free and who doesn't love free stuff?

Hope you all had a nice weekend

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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Library Conference

Hiya guys! sorry about the lack of posts this week, I've been in Llandrindod Wells for my first ever library conference. I was having a bit of a panic about what to wear but I decided on something comfy and that wouldn't crease on the 2 hour journey to mid Wales. What do you think? I'm not a very smart person and I don't own anything suit like so this was my attempt at conference chic-

Dress: Peacocks by Design
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Primark
Earrings: ASOS
Bag: Urban Outfitters

Belt: New Look

I used my Urban Outfitters satchel which I don't use very often for work because I can't fit my lunch in it but it's the perfect shape for files and papers.

I went to the CILIP Cymru Welsh Libraries, Archives and Museums Conference and the theme was Survive and Thrive which is very apt because of all the difficulties that are facing libraries at the moment. My favourite talk of the day was Phil Bradley's  Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff; service development outside the Tardis. Who doesn't love a Dr Who themed presentation with pictures of David Tennant?

The hotel was lovely, I wish I could have stayed for the full conference but I was very lucky to get my free sponsored day place. Do you get to go any where nice for work?

Have you all had a nice week? It was actually quite nice for blogger to be down for a while, I didn't spent some time reading and updating my CV.

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

My Week in Photos

1. I wore this on Monday to work and then I met up with some friends after work for some shopping. I got the top with my 40% Peacocks discount, I usually go mad when the 40% off offer comes around every few months but I already had all the dresses I liked from there!

2. My ballet outfit, I didn't get too dressed up because it was a modern ballet and I saw it down the Bay in Cardiff so it wasn't very formal. I got the dress from Evans last year, it makes a nice change from florals.

3-6. I saw the ballet in the Millennium centre which is one of the nicest buildings in Cardiff, I'm not usually a fan of modern architecture but I love that the building looks natural and the bands of different colour slate are beautiful. I'm such a Dr Who/Torchwood geek so I had to take a photo of the tower and the little memorial to Ianto and character that died in the last series of Torchwood. There are messages on the wall from New Zealand and America. RIP Ianto!

7. I really enjoyed the Scottish Ballet production of Alice and you can go and see the New Zealand Ballet when it comes to Cardiff for only £10 if you are under 26. It's something that I didn't think I would like but I really enjoyed it, it's good to do things a little different. The story of the ballet was a little tricky to follow because it was a mix of Alice in Wonderland and Through the looking glass. Alice in the ballet was a mix of the fictional Alice and the real life Alice- Alice Liddell. The ballet also drew on Lewis Carroll's interest in photography, Alice falls through a camera lens rather then a rabbit hole. The court executioner was the Jabberwock and stalked the stage with a cube on his head... it was all rather odd but splendid!
8. I bought a pair of denim shorts from New Look, I've never had a pair of shorts before! They aren't too sort which means I can wear them without tights in the summer to the beach or when I'm walking the dog.
Have you had a nice week?

Check out Where Are My Knees? at about 6pm tonight to see our weekly round up and there are also lots of great recipes on there for you to make something lovely to eat this afternoon.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cardiff Blogger Meet Up

Would anyone be interested in a Cardiff blogger meet up? There are always lots of events in London but I've not come across one in Cardiff before.

I'm hoping to plan one for early October and I wanted to know what people wanted to happen on the day and how many people would come.
I was thinking that we could meet for lunch in the day and visit some tourist destinations in Cardiff or do some shopping in some of the great independent shops that we have here.
I would also love to have an evening event where there will be drinks, some music and some activites like a A/W preview of some clothing collections and hair and make up etc

What do you think?!
Leave a comment to let me know if you are interested and what days/times suit you best.

I will consider all the comments before deciding on a final date and programme of events.


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Monday, 2 May 2011

Models Own

There is a great 3 for 2 offer on make up in Boots at the moment which I couldn't resist so I popped in on my way home after work on Saturday and got myself some nail polish. I loved the Models Own champagne colour I won in a giveaway before so much that I decided to get three Models Own polishes rather than mixing the brands.

I got-

Red Red Wine, Smash Up Silver and Blue Lagoon.

I love my Barry M Nail Effects in black but it can be quite a harsh look so I picked up the silver smash up polish which I hoped would be a little more subtle. I tried it out on one nail before I painted them in the lovely blue lagoon colour and I was a little disappointed, it doesn't crack as well at the Barry M polish and you can't see much of the colour underneath. I really couldn't get good a photo of it but here is one from another blog-

The silver wasn't very high shine,more matte which I quite liked. Have you tried any of the Models Own Smash Up crackle polishes?

The Blue Lagoon colour looks fab on (even nicer if you aren't messy like me) it's got a nice shimmer to it and you only need 2 coats.
I had my nails painted professionally recently and they sprayed my nails with a dryer like this mavala one after they had been left to dry for a few minutes. My polish dried quickly and didn't chip at all so I decided to get this can from Boots. It was about £3 and my nails are looking pretty good after a day of being painted.
What nail products do you recommend? I'm relatively new to the world of nail polish and nail art so I would love it if you could share some tips with me.

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Sunday, 1 May 2011


Despite having a week off work in April I feel like it's been a very busy month. I've had a few lovely nights out for friends birthdays (see drunk picture above, don't know who that guy is!) and it was very busy in work because all students were paying fines and taking books out before they went away for the Easter hols.
I'm going on a course about blogs in the library profession soon which sounds rather exciting, I may start a blog charting my career progression and new developments in the field (yawn, only interesting to fellow library staff).

I'm very excited about moving and I took a few pictures of my new room so I could plan how I'm going to furnish and decorate it. As you can see it's very old lady at the moment and I can't wait to sand the floors and rip the paper off. My bedroom has a little bathroom in and I'm planning to have a little built in wardrobe, sooo much work to do!
I've been busy making mood boards and I've bought every home magazine available. I want a greyish lilac wall, with lots of cream and a hint of dusky pink a little bit like this. I've bought a little bit of bedding and a few other bits and bobs but I'm trying not to go too mad because I will have to move all the new things I buy. I'm going to get all the big pieces delivered to the new house instead.

April has been a tricky month for me diet wise. Bank holidays and birthdays are not easy when you're on a diet. Knowing that I have to do a weekly update on Where Are My Knees? means I didn't go a crazy as I could have on my nights out. On nights out I would normally drink lots of calorie filled cocktails and me and my friends would all visit the chippy on the way home but I switched to wine and skipped the end of the night take aways.
My losses this month have been a little slow but with over 24 lbs loss in total I'm starting to feel the benefits, I was a lot more confident on my nights out and I'm wearing different clothes. I'm usually completely covered up in leggings and cardigans but I went out in tights and bared my arms for the first time in years.  

I hope I continue to do well with my diet in May, I'm looking forward to my trip to Hay on Wye and Hereford and the ballet. Only 6 weeks left in work until I get all summer off!

What's been the highlight of your month?

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