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By Gem - 20:46:00

This is another dress that has been lurking in my wardrobe and hasn't been worn for years. It was far too small for me but it fits perfectly now. I used to wear it to gigs quite a lot and it reminds me of early 90s grunge hence the post title. I wore it to work yesterday with flats and then popped some heels and red lipstick on to go out in the evening for food with my family so it's quite a versatile dress.

Dress: Very
Cardigan: Asda
Shoes: Evans
Leggings: New Look

Have you rediscovered anything in your wardrobe recently? It will soon be time to dig out all your summer clothes that have been forgotten, what do you think will be an essential in your summer wardrobe this year?

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  1. Oh I love that dress, it looks dead nice on too!

  2. Love the dress, and those heels are awesome! I packed up my entire room at uni yesterday to move home for the summer, and rediscovered six or seven things that had been banished to the back of the wardrobe that now fit! For some reason fitting into things you never did before always seems more motivating that buying new stuff - or is that just me?


  3. Yay for slimming into that dress! Its like you have abrand new dress. You have done amazingly well on weightwatchers!
    You look fab Gem!

  4. That dress looks great on you! I love how you styled it. I always am going thru my closet to make room for newer items, so I don't have much that lurks!


  5. @Ingrid- Thanks, I loved wearing it so much that I washed and ironed it today so I can wear it again in the week.

    @Kirstin Marie: I've got 2 wardrobes of clothes in my garage eeeek! I always forget what I have haha I'm always giving things away to charity and forgetting that I did and looking for it a few months later.

    @Sophie- Thank you!! going to have a good sort out of my clothes and see what fits me again :)

    @Lauren- I totally agree, I'm also skint so finding old clothes is much better for my bank balance"

  6. I automatically thought of the spice girls when i saw your title lolz Everything is getting smaller (it must be shrinking in the wash) in my wardrobe, must put down the kit kat and put on the gym kit.

  7. @KylieDee- haha yes the pepsi advert? I remember that too

  8. I love those heels of yours! Here in Australia its getting to winter so I'm having to do the reverse and dig up warm clothing....but sometimes its fun to discover something at the back of your wardrobe that you forgot you even owned! x x x

  9. This looks lovely! I've recently gone through my entire wardrobe and sorted out what I do and do not need, I've found a few summery tops that I'd long forgotten about! x

  10. I love finding old clothes in my saves me buying any more new ones, haha!

    Maria xxx

  11. i rediscovered a pair of jeans that now fit me, but i probably wont be wearing them until a/w ^_^
    you look fab! :D
    Rosie xo

  12. this dress is gorgeous and it look great on you. since ive lost a bit of weight my old clothes are starting to fit again which feel great =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  13. It's gorgeous, love it. Love those heels too. I haven't reclaimed anything yet, but soon, hopefully :) its a great feeling isn't it? xx

  14. That dress is adorable, you look fab bb!

    P.S congrats on the article!


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