Pen Pal Exchange Update

By Gem - 10:51:00

I would love to know how you are all getting along with the pen pal scheme, you can send in any stories or photos of your letters and I will pop them in a post. I hope to re open the sheme in the summer for anyone who missed out last time or if you would just like another pen pal.

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  1. thank you very much for setting this up, Gem - i haev a few blogging penpals now, and have been exchanging letters with the penpal you set me up with a couple of times - i will try to take some pics ;) Xx

  2. id love to get involved when you start it up again!

  3. love your dress in the last post my dear!! :) x

  4. Thanks for setting this up! I've enjoyed writing letters so far and would be up for another swap too :)

  5. oo if you open it again, I'll definitely be signing up!


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