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By Gem - 22:16:00

Thought I would let you know about lots of lovely things that are going on in Cardiff at the moment for anyone that lives here. If you don't live near Cardiff come and visit for the day, it's fantastic!

Are there any events in Wales and the west that I should know about? I finish work on the 17th of June and don't go back until the 26th of September so I need lots of things to to and see.

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  1. unfortunately im going home to guildford next week, otherwise id so be at some of these events! :(
    Rosie xo

  2. Lucky you getting the summer off! Is that cos the students won't be around? I'm coming down to Cardiff in a week and a half, can't wait!

  3. ooo so glad you share these awesome things! I'm moving on the 4th July no job no friends eek! So nervous but new adventure :) xx

  4. Love the pics with your pup! I have such a soft spot for dogs and have 2 of my own :)

    And the blue dress in the next post -- absolutely fab!!


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