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By Gem - 23:08:00

My new Dorothy Perkins dresses arrived and I had to wear this one straight away! It's nice and light for summer and has a nice cut out and bow on the back which I couldn't get a good picture of. It was only £25 at Dorothy Perkins and I think there is a 20% off deal on the site at the moment. I think I'm going to wear this a lot over summer, I love all the colours in it.
A combination of the sun and my fringe being to long means I only have squinty pictures to chose from and this was the best of a bad bunch.

I went shopping after work today and bought a nice light cream cardigan to wear with this dress and other summery things, it was waaay too warm today in this think black cardigan. I only went in to Cardiff to get new foundation and ended up with two cardigans, eyeliner, mascara and tights, oooops!


Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Belt: H&M
Cardigan: ASDA
Hair clips: H&M
Leggings: New Look
Shoes: Peacocks

Got your eye on anything that would be great for summer? Hope you all have lovely plan for the weekend, we are supposed to have glorious sunshine in the UK for the next few days, wayhey!

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  1. waaaaant!
    im so jealous of that dress :'(
    looks GORGEOUS on you though :)
    Rosie xo

  2. Aw that dress is gorgeous, lovin the colours :)

  3. Such pretty colours, you look lovely!

  4. Ohh i saw this dress in the Wigan store last week it is very very pretty and you look lovely in it! xxx

  5. such cute colorful stripes!

  6. I love the colours!! You're lucky just going into summer... the rain and winter have just started here!

    Also, there's something for you on my blog. :o)

  7. You look wonderful! That dress is adorable and your hair looks awesome!

  8. Gorgeous dress!

    I love the colours :)

    I have my eye on a cute dress in the Inspire section of New Look!


  9. The dress is gorgeous, it looks like it'd be hard to pull off, but it looks lovely on you! xx

  10. Next time I am in the UK, I have to pop in to peacocks. Their stuff is lovely. Wish I knew about them last time I was there. You look fab! Loving the stripes!

  11. Aww that's pretty - love all the colours x

  12. LOVE this dress, such a gorgeous print and colours :)

    Maria xxx

  13. that dress is gorgeous, the colours are so perfect, love it

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  14. The colours in this are gorgeous!! x

  15. That dress suits you! different from floral print and very summery :) your hair looks nice in the picture too looks like you've had the ends tinted lighter xx

  16. Love the dress :).

    Sadie x


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