My day off with Sookie

By Gem - 20:20:00

I've had a lovely week so far, it's all getting very quiet in work because it's the end of term and I've been having a few shorter days which is great and I've caught up on some sleep. I had a day off this week and I just wore a t shirt and shorts instead if my usual dress and cardi combo and I took Sookie for a walk and took lots of pictures of her. I have a life, honest but I do really love me dog.

I've had a great week of activities in work, we had our library assistants away day where we did lots of team building stuff with staff from other libraries and there were some great presentations. It's been lovely to meet other library assistants who work at Cardiff Uni, we are all split over so many sites. I had a seminar called 'Blog Basics' today which taught me loads of new things. Do you get to do any fun training at work?

Shorts: New Look
Cardigan: Evans
T-shirt: Peacocks
Shoes: Fred Perry
Necklace: Disney Couture

I've also been busy trying lots of new recipes and I posted this lovely Pimm's and Strawberry jelly one over on Where Are My Knees?

I just booked my coach tickets and hotel for the Midlands Blogger Meet, is anyone else going?
I've not been to a blogger meet up before I'm really excited!


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  1. ohhh the necklace <3
    i've wanted that FOREVER!
    amazing :D
    and love the striped top too!
    Rosie xo

  2. I love your stripey top and you dog is so sweet! :D
    I've bookmarked so many recipes from Where are my knees? that I want to try! The jelly sounds lovely :) x

  3. You look great, and your doggie is so sweet! I've been wanting a dog for a while now, but it's just not the right time in my life for one. Too busy! And I live in a smallish basement apartment, so it would have to be a small one, but I like big dogs because they're good at snuggles! I am headed to NYC for full figured fashion week this coming Wednesday and I am so excited! Have a great time at your blogger meet-up! They can be pretty awesome. Take lots of pictures!

  4. I've been baking too i've just got a recipie for SW chocolate brownies which is yummy. Sookie is so cuteXX

  5. awh you look beautiful and nautical
    hello sailor ;)

    your dog is too cute for words too!

  6. Sookie is such a cutie!

  7. I really like that top, it's fab! I will have to check out that recipe too...

    Maria xxx

  8. aww your dog is so cute : ) I also really like that top. great outfit .

  9. Love the red stripe top, been after one like that for an age!!xx

  10. Aww Sookie :) She's so cute! Love the necklace and that Pimms Jelly looks very nice xx

  11. I love that outfit, and Sookie is adorable! Just wanted to let you know that I've given you an award on my blog :) looking forward to reading more from you soon!


  12. I didn't know you worked at the uni! I work there too :) I started on Monday.

  13. I'm getting training for my job soon which involves me talking to pretend angry customers over the phone and being recorded : / absolutly dreading it.

    Oooh a middlands blog meet up? I'm sort of near in Northampton and if I wasn't ridiculously shy and awkward I'd love to go


  14. I adore that necklace, i love disney coulture! Omg i never knew they did blogger meets! Il have to go next time have a lovely time. Thankyou for my comment, i always find myself doing the same hehe they just look so nice.

  15. Lovely :) I also have that necklace,, Snow white is my favourite!


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