Sunday, 31 July 2011


I feel like I have really made the most of my time off this summer. I have been away every weekend in July and spent a lot of time with friends and exploring new places. I took my brother to see Ke$ha for his birthday, had a Welsh librarian meet up, went to the Birmingham Blogger Meet Up and went to a beautiful wedding this weekend (full wedding post coming soon).
I'm really excited about August and what that will bring. It is my birthday on Friday so I will be out and about all week meeting with friends, I'm going to a Bristol meet up on the 12th of August and I'm planning a trip to the Tenby. I don't go back to work properly until the end of September so I have plenty of time to cram a few more activities in.

How was your July and what are your plans for the rest of summer?

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Apply Some Pressure

I've been back at the university working this week even though I have the summer off, only covering a few afternoon shifts but this means I can't lounge around in my pj's with the dog, boohoo! I still only have about ten dresses to chose from because everything is still at my nans while we do work on the house, it's starting to drive me mad! I like to be able to chose from my 2 wardrobes of clothes and endless suitcases under my bed.
I've been trying to wear all of my bigger dresses before they are hanging off me and this is one of my favourites, I'm going to miss when I lose a few more lbs.

 (please ignore the creases)
Dress: Evans
Shoes: Primark

I really like the neckline on this dress, very flattering. Not taken my new unicorn necklace off since the Birmingham blogger meet up. Finally, I can never have enough photos of me and Sookie! haha

I'm going to a wedding this weekend at a very posh hotel in Hampshire and all the hens are performing a special surprise dance, I'm so scared. I can't remember the moves and I'm going to fall into someone eeeek! What are your plans for the rest of the week?

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Monday, 25 July 2011

Birmingham Blogger Meet Up - Part 2

As promised here are my photos from Part 2 of the Birmingham Bloggers Meet Up. After a wonderful day of shopping and a lovely meal those who were staying for the night headed back to the hotel to get ready (after stopping off at Tesco to buy cheap wine). I didn't have the usual dilemma of worrying about what to wear out because I only packed one option. I wore my red lace Dorothy Perkins dress which I got in the sale, River Island loafers and a Primark scarf in my hair.
Although most people only came for the day meet up there was still quite a big blogger posse in the night which included: Gem, Claire, Emma, Selina, Fritha, Sara, Rebecca and Emma. I want all these girls to move to Cardiff, seriously the nicest girls ever.

My fave picture from the meet up (what is up with my weird finger?). I'm feeling way more confident after sticking to my Where Are My Knees pledge. Not really had a proper night out since losing the 36lbs. I felt a lot less self conscious.

I had a great night, consumed loads of £1.80 vodkas and shots, danced like a madwoman around a big pile of handbags, screamed when they played The Smiths and generally had one of the best nights ever. I went a little off my WW plan and had a bacon roll and pints of juice for breakfast but it had to be done to cure the hangover.

I want to say another big thank you to Claire and Fritha for organising it all and I hope there is a reunion in the not so distant future! I loved meeting every single one of the ladies who came to the meet up and I'm having a bit of a post-blogger-meet-up-comedown :(

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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Birmingham Blogger Meet Up - Part 1

I've just come back from the most amazing weekend in Birmingham. Claire  and Fritha organised a fantastic meet up, they must have worked really hard booking everything and co-ordinating so many people, thank you ladies!

I got the National Express from Cardiff to Birmingham yesterday morning and arrived at 1pm, a little flustered and ready to shop! I had my first experience of a blogger meet up on Wednesday in Cardiff so I wasn't too nervous about meeting so many new people. We all had handy name badges which was great because I'm awful with names and the huge yellow Mac C bags were fab because it was easy to spot the other blog girls in the shop and not get lost.

Here is a nice big group shot of all the girls that came, so many of us-

We met for coffee and we were given some lovely Max C and Miss Guided bags. (you can never have enough tote bags) We split in to two groups, some girls went vintage shopping and the rest of us hit Forever21 jewellery section and did some shopping in the bullring. We went for food in The Mailbox at a place called Red Peppers (I think). I had chicken and salad so I would have more points left over for drinks in the night ;) and had a nice cranberry cooler cocktail, yummy!

The meal provided a great chance to relax and chat with all the lovely girls that turned up, prizes were given out for challenges that people took part in and I got a lovely bag full of gifts because I had travelled the furthest to get to the meet which was such a sweet surprise. I was sat with the lovely Lily, Maria, Selina (who we nominated for best dresses of the day) and Hayley.

Here are some lovely things I brought home with me-

Picked this up along with loads of other things in Forever21, I wish there was a store in Cardiff! I loved all of the jewellery in there and could have spent a fortune. Bought a few pairs of earrings for about £2.40 each, bargain.

This was one of the gifts I got in my bag for travelling the furthest and I love it so much. It is silver which means I wont be allergic to it yaaay! I will be wearing this a lot I'm sure.

This is the bag that everything came in, it is a Tesco F&F bag, isn't it lovely? I will be perfect for nights out.

 A lovely handmade bracelet which I wore out in the evening part of the meet up, it's made from brass which again is good because I'm not allergic to it like I am with most jewellery.

My mam has got her eye on this one, hands off!

Florrie has some great pictures of everything that came in the gift bags that were handed out at the beginning of the day, if you want to take a look you can here.

If you are ever worried about going to a meet up just relax and go, I had the best time with people I have never met before and can't wait for another one. The day time meet up was so much fun but all the crazy stuff happened to the hardcore party animals who came out in the night ;)
Part 2 coming tomorrow...

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Won't let the city destroy our love

Just thought I would do a brief post on what I've been reading, listening too and getting up to the past few weeks.
I kick started book club with my friends again and chose a nice easy read to start with- The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud, I hope it's a good one that we can have a good debate about. I just finished reading Sixteen Shades of Crazy by Rachel Trezise and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It really summed up what it is like to live in a small valley town, bleak and boring! I saw a lot of myself and my surroundings in this book, you should give it a try.

This is my new favourite bag that I got on ebay for £20, it is HUGE and looks like it will last a long time. It does smell a bit funny though, wonder what it was stored with! I think I'm going to use this loads, I might even get it in another colour.

I had to have a tacky phone cover, I was going to go for something pink with Hello Kitty stuck on it but I saw this black one and thought people at work might take me more seriously with this one. Tacky but not too tacky?

My friend Chloe made my brothers birthday cake and it tasted so good. The base was a red velvet cake with white chocolate icing and the cupcake on top was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting mmmm!

These are the two albums that I haven't stopped playing recently. Patrick Wolf can do no wrong in my eyes and his latest album Lupercalia is perfection, The City is my summer anthem and he should have had a Mercury nomination for this.
The Miles Kane album was an impulse buy, I picked up the Nicki Minaj album which was in a 2 for £10 deal in HMV but didn't know what else to get. I took a gamble on the Miles Kane album, I was obsessed with the song Put Your Dukes Up John by a band he used to be in when I was about 18 so I hoped his solo work would be as good. It's a great album, real 60s feel and I think you can pick it up for about £4.99, bargain!

I went to a cpd23 meet up in Milgi last night, it was a great chance to chat to other people who work in libraries across Wales. I had a gorgeous lavender lemonade and relaxed in the yurt which is out at the back of Milgi. It's a fab place to visit if you are ever in Cardiff.

Have you got any good plans for the rest of the week?
I'm going to the Birmingham Bloggers Meet Up this weekend so if you're going say hello! xx

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Happy Birthday Geraint

Its my brothers 20th birthday today and it was my mothers birthday yesterday so I'm having a weekend of cake eating yum yum. Happy birthday lil bro!

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011


It's been a pretty dull week for me, I've been working a few days a week in my summer job in public libraries and looking after the dog whilst my brother does all the hard work on the house. I've been watching all the old Harry Potter movies ready for the final film tomorrow. Did anyone else watch the premiere and get really emotional at the speeches at the end? I was such a huge HP geek growing up, I was always on the mugglenet forum... such a loser!

This is what I wore to work yesterday-

Dress: New Look (about 3 years ago)
Cardigan: H&M
Necklace: Gift

I bought this dress ages ago but it got a little tight, it fits me again now though, hurrah! I only brought a few dresses with me to the new house, the rest are in storage at my nans so I'm a little fed up of wearing the same things but I didn't want some of my nicer dresses getting ruined so they need to stay at my nans. Can't wait for my room to be done so I can have my things back!!

My nails are so messy and this is after I tidied them up!!

There has been some progress in my bedroom, all the old plaster has been ripped off and now the new plaster board is going up and I have started to sand the lovely wardrobe that the last occupants left. I really liked the wardrobe so there was no way it was going on the skip, I'm going to paint it a cream/ivory colour.

I've written a new post on Where Are My Knees about how to stay on track with your diet if you are going to a festival and I've started a blog about my work as a Library Assistant, it's a self directed course that I'm doing over summer so if you are interested you can visit my work blog too.

I just got an email about all the final plans for the Birmingham bloggers meet up next week, so excited. Who else is going?!

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Birmingham trip- Ke$ha and LMFAO

I went to Birmingham for the first time this weekend and I loved it! I took my brother to see Ke$ha and LMFAO for his birthday. I thought a nice trip away from the construction site that is my home would be much better than buying him a CD or a new shirt.

I got a bargain hotel (Ibis, £35) which was right by the coach station and the Bullring, we were also in the middle of Chinatown which is perfect because my brother loves anything Chinese related. Me and my brother are both following the Weight Watchers plan but the minute we woke up to go on our trip the plan went out the window and we spent the weekend eating out and living the party lifestyle. You can't go and see Ke$ha and LMFAO without lots of vodka and glitter, I think it's the law.
I loved the O2 Academy, it really is a great venue. It was nice and small and the gig felt like one big party in a club. The best bit of the show was when Ke$ha sang one of my fave songs- Animal.

I managed to not go crazy in the Bullring and got a few house things in the sale and some nice Body Shop shower gel. I thought I would save my money for the bloggers meet up on the 23rd which I am very excited about!!

Have you been anywhere nice recently? Going to any good gigs soon?

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