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It's been a pretty dull week for me, I've been working a few days a week in my summer job in public libraries and looking after the dog whilst my brother does all the hard work on the house. I've been watching all the old Harry Potter movies ready for the final film tomorrow. Did anyone else watch the premiere and get really emotional at the speeches at the end? I was such a huge HP geek growing up, I was always on the mugglenet forum... such a loser!

This is what I wore to work yesterday-

Dress: New Look (about 3 years ago)
Cardigan: H&M
Necklace: Gift

I bought this dress ages ago but it got a little tight, it fits me again now though, hurrah! I only brought a few dresses with me to the new house, the rest are in storage at my nans so I'm a little fed up of wearing the same things but I didn't want some of my nicer dresses getting ruined so they need to stay at my nans. Can't wait for my room to be done so I can have my things back!!

My nails are so messy and this is after I tidied them up!!

There has been some progress in my bedroom, all the old plaster has been ripped off and now the new plaster board is going up and I have started to sand the lovely wardrobe that the last occupants left. I really liked the wardrobe so there was no way it was going on the skip, I'm going to paint it a cream/ivory colour.

I've written a new post on Where Are My Knees about how to stay on track with your diet if you are going to a festival and I've started a blog about my work as a Library Assistant, it's a self directed course that I'm doing over summer so if you are interested you can visit my work blog too.

I just got an email about all the final plans for the Birmingham bloggers meet up next week, so excited. Who else is going?!

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  1. Cute dress, and I LOVE the daisy on your nail!!!

    Good luck with the redecorating!

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  2. omg that dress looks incredible on you gem! love love love it. wish i could come to the bham meetup wah :( xx

  3. I was on mugglenet too! I met a whole bunch of great friends on there, we all met up in Edinburgh when the last book came out. Uber geeks!

  4. i wish i could go to the blogger meet but i don't have enough money :(
    i love your dress! such a pretty print :)
    your nails are such a nice colour too! i love the little daisy ^_^
    Rosie xo

  5. awh the dress is really nice!! really happy it fits you again! :)

    and your nails might be a tad messy, but the colour is gorgeous


  6. Love love love that dress, gutted when I read it was an old one! I love the peter pan collar and the fact it isn't too high up. They just don't suit my figure unless there lower xxx

  7. I'm going! so excited! adore your dress, very cute. and the little daisy on your nail is so sweet!


  8. Wow gem you can really tell you have lost alot of weight now you are looking amazing - well done. XXXX

  9. You look lovely Gem! And you were clearly on to Peter Pan collars before everyone else. I'd claim that one if I were you.

  10. Cute dress!


  11. The dress looks gorgeous on you, it suits you so much! I love that nail varnish colour, it's gorgeous:). Hope you have a great time at the Birmingham Bloggers meet up!

  12. I love this dress on you and the nails are cute! I'm hoping to get to the Brum meet up but it depends on work etc :)

    Maria xxx

  13. I cried watching the HP premiere! Adore your dress :)

  14. Such a gorgeous dress - I wish it was still available for sale :-) Am going to check out Where are my kees sounds interesting! woohoo for getting the dress to fit again - it would feel like such an accomplishment.

  15. Love the colours in the dress! Ah I think I'm the only one who hasn't seen harry potter yet (I'm assuming by this post your going to see it today) but I shall be going tomorrow, possibly even to watch in 3d...

    I'm getting all excited about the meet aswell, Im only going to the day but it'll be nice to meet everyone, although I do have a fear of stickers so I might cheekily not wear one.


  16. Wow, I love that dress! I'm so sad that it was a long-time-ago-purchase... You look great! http://curvycanadian.blogspot.com

  17. Love this dress! I remember it actually being in New Look and being undecided on buying it or not. I should have done!



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