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I feel like I have really made the most of my time off this summer. I have been away every weekend in July and spent a lot of time with friends and exploring new places. I took my brother to see Ke$ha for his birthday, had a Welsh librarian meet up, went to the Birmingham Blogger Meet Up and went to a beautiful wedding this weekend (full wedding post coming soon).
I'm really excited about August and what that will bring. It is my birthday on Friday so I will be out and about all week meeting with friends, I'm going to a Bristol meet up on the 12th of August and I'm planning a trip to the Tenby. I don't go back to work properly until the end of September so I have plenty of time to cram a few more activities in.

How was your July and what are your plans for the rest of summer?

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  1. wow! I have no plans *sob* but this has just given me motivation to makes some haha! hope you have a great time!! x

  2. Happy early Birthday. Sounds like your Summer has been eventful and fun filled thus far, hope for more of that for you, well and for us allll. I feel like Ms. America whenever I say "and for us all."

  3. looks like you had a busy time! I went to cornwall last weekend but it wasn't a holiday (boo!). I'm also planning on going down to brizzle... but that's it, as I hope to go to Scotland by the end of the year!

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  4. wow, your july was jam packed! :D
    look like lots of fun ^_^
    Rosie xo

  5. Hi I'm Lily I saw your blog on the confirmed list of those attending the south west blogger meet up I thought I'd check out your blog and say hi before the 12th of august. Judging by your recent blog posts you've been to a few! I'm so excited, this is my first! :]

    Lily at Red Brick Lipstick

  6. Hey Lily!
    thanks for popping by and saying hi, I'm excited about going to another meet up because the last one was soo much fun.
    See you next week xx

  7. Hi!
    Eeee, my excitement is building for the meet up although I am a teeny bit nervous too. I am sure it will be great fun :) Can't wait to meet you next week! x

  8. Blogger clearly hates me as I swear I commented this post a while ago proclaiming my love for ke$ha!
    Ah so many meetups, I really wish I could go to the south west one that's being tweeted about at the moment but transport costs aren't my friend : (


  9. It sounds like your summer has been super awesome! The rest of my summer consists of music festivals, camping, and gardening!


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