Monday, 29 August 2011


It's the first time in about six years that I haven't gone to Reading Festival and apart from not seeing Pulp I don't regret it at all. I'm getting far too old for all that malarkey now. I could possibly manage a very tame festival like Latitude at a push. This year I spent my bank holiday weekend in Torquay with my lovely friends Sarah, Kaye and Katilea.(hi girls!! they read my blog)  Sarah's parents were very kind and let us stay in their caravan and eat all their pringles and caramelised onion dip. We were very lucky with the weather, it was glorious all weekend. I really want to go back next summer and visit a few other places down there like Newquay and Exeter.

Here are some (loads) of the photos from the trip-

Me and Kaye were supposed to be looking at directions on her iPhone in the back of the car but we were too busy eating and taking photos which resulted in us taking a bit of a detour and adding half an hour on our journey, ha!

 Cuthbert the Crab
Hanging out on Torquay beach.
Mmm cream tea, had to have one in Devon.
 I took my instax away with me and had a little play around with it, not quite sure how to use it properly yet but I'm going to take it to Sarah's wedding in a few weeks time and try again. There is a flash and a light and dark button and that's about it for functions and features. Anyone know good sites for instax tips?
 They came out quite nice... I think.

Thank you for all the tips you left me on here and twitter for places to visit. I hope your bank holiday weekend was as lovely as mine. What have you been up to?

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Monday, 22 August 2011

We're all going on a summer holiday...

I had a lovely weekend attending wedding receptions and my friend made me a roast dinner because I've not had one since moving house, we still don't have a proper kitchen! I've now got a full week of work ahead of me which I haven't had for most of the summer (I only work term time) not looking forward to it!

This is what I wore to work today-

 Dorothy Perkins Dress
  Simple make up, just a flick of Lancome Art Liner.
 My belt was £2 in the New Look Sale
Primark Shoes

I'm off to the rather pretty Torquay this weekend and I need your help! I would love to know where all the best places are e.g. the prettiest beach, most delicious cream tea and any local secrets. The lovely Lyzi has already given me some amazing tips, I'm definitely going to check out the fireworks at the regatta.

I've not had a holiday since I went to NZ a few years ago so I can't wait. I only ever seem to go on city breaks which are super stressful. I'm hoping some mini instax film arrives before I go so I can use my new camera to take some pretty sea side snaps.
I've already packed my case, that's how excited I am! I've made the mix CD for the trip down and packed those little boxes of cereal that I used to have as a kid and lots of healthy snacks so I don't go too far off my diet. I will have to get some fish and chips and a cream tea though, can't go away and not treat myself.

Have you been on your summer holiday yet? Where did you go?

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Friday, 19 August 2011

Evans Collection

Here are a few photos from the new Evans Collection range, I loved some of the pieces from the last collection and it's nice to see that they have followed up the first collection with something equally as nice. Collection seems a little more simple and high fashion than the rest of the Evans stock. It's nice to see plus size clothes that aren't just tunics or maxi dresses and it reminds me a bit of ASOS White. Collection will be available from the end of September.



What is your favourite piece? What A/W collections are you looking forward to? I want to see what Peacocks come up with for their Peacocks by Design range because I bought a few summer pieces.

The lovely Charlene from Dainty Dresses and Where Are My Knees has started her own nail art shop where she is selling some fabulous hand painted false nails. The prices are great and for a little extra she will paint you a custom set of nails I might ask for some Britney themed nails for when I see her on her Femme Fatale tour in October :) Click on the image below to go to the shop.

One more thing...
I'm selling a few clothes that no longer fit me, feel free to make me an offer here. Trying to raise some funds for my new house and have a clear out.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend xx

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Long Weekend- Part 2

I continued my lovely long weekend which started with a bloggers meet up by having a little trip to London...

I won tickets to the premiere of Fright Night last week on twitter (thanks so I booked a last minute trip to London on Sunday. I was due to arrive in London at 1pm but the show didn't start until 7 so I asked for suggestions about what to do in London on a Sunday and the lovely Lauren said I should go to the Tower of London and got me some guest passes, how nice is that?!

We went to see the Crown Jewels as soon as we got to the tower as there is usually a bit of a queue for this. The diamonds and stones were all so huge on the crowns, it was hard to believe they were real. I really liked the small crown of Queen Victoria, a little more understated than the rest. Lots of American tourists were trying to take photos but it's not allowed, naughty naughty!!

Henry VIII armour, it was funny to see how his armour changed as he got older and more gouty.

I do love a big book!

The Queen's Guard, very serious with EVIL hats made from bears :( Bear skin is cruel and costs a lot of money so why use it? very silly.

After leaving the tower we went down to the bridge and had an ice cream and took some photos.

I can't take a good photo at all, all my photos from the day are wonky, I have my eye closed or I only get half of what I want in. Useless!!

Me and my friend Emma headed down to the O2 for the main attraction- DAVID TENNANT. I was rather excited to see the film as I'm a huge fan of everything Tennant is in (as well as being a fan of his face). He came in and introduced the film and was rather charming. Fright Night was amazing, I don't go to the cinema very often so I really enjoyed it. Both Farell and Tennant were very funny, I give it a 4.5/5 with the extra 0.5 because David Tennant looks gorgeous in it.

Oh la la!!

Have you got any film recommendations for me? I have the cinema bug now and I'm going to go on my next day off. I'm also going to try and get some day tickets to see Much Ado About Nothing for the final week, what are the best parks in London and somewhere cheap to go for afternoon tea?

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Monday, 15 August 2011

Long Weekend- Part 1

I got to go to my fourth blogger meet up in about a month on Friday, I've really enjoyed meeting all the lovely people I chat to on Twitter and none of them have been 40 year old weird men (which is what my mam thinks I will find when I turn up to one) Does anyone else tell their family where they are going or just say you are going to meet friends? My mam thinks I'm crazy for spending the day with people I have never met.

None of us took many photos because we were too busy chatting and shopping but here is a great group shot of all the lovely ladies that attended the meet up-

L-R Back row- Bee, Lyzi, Stephanie, and Gina.
Front row- Sian, Leanne, Kate, Sammy, Kim, Lily, Me, Laura and Rosie.

I got the train to Bristol with Leanne and we were standing at the wrong platform so its rather lucky that we didn't miss it! Bee was there to meet us at the train station and we all walked to Frankie and Benny's for lunch. I was a bit excited/nervous so I didn't shut up all the way through the meal so everyone knows I'm following the WW plan and I'm obsessed with David Tennant.

I don't think any of us left Primark without buying something, I got a lovely thick cardi, a headband, loads of black tights and scarf with horses on.

After a bit more shopping and re touching our make up (in the amazing Cabot toilets) we went to a bar that I always end up in when I'm in Bristol called Start the Bus. I had a lovely raspberry beer and enjoyed putting my feet up because I was exhausted by this point, getting up at 8am was a killer.

The ladies from My Street Chic came along for a chat and to take our photos. Here is a shot of what I wore-

All my outfit is pretty new, I got the dress for £22 in Dorothy Perkins which I think is good because it is quite a heavy dress and not just jersey. My belt was in a pack of two in New look for £4.99, I love all the mustard and rust colours at the moment but they don't suit me so I thought I would get some accessories in those colours instead. I'm really in to red lipstick and leopard print at the moment, even in the day so if you see any nice leopard print things let me know please :)

I got home from the meet up all tired out from the shopping and chatting, I had such a lovely day. Thank you Bee and Lyzi, I can't wait until the next one which is going to be close to Christmas.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Judging Covers

Just a quick post to say that I now write for Judging Covers, a great book review site. I wrote my first review about Rachel Trezise - Sixteen Shades of Crazy and you can view it here. I've not reviewed a book before so I was a little nervous, you can leave comments on the Judging Covers site to let me know what you think.
Are there any books you would like me to review or any genres you would like to see represented on Judging Covers? There are quite a few reviews of best sellers and chick lit on there at the moment so I wanted to write about something else to give people a little variety. Can you recommend any books for me? I'm always on the lookout for something new to read.

I am also still writing over at Where Are My Knees? and charting my diet progress. There have been some very inspirational guest post on there recently that are well worth checking out.

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Monday, 8 August 2011

Happy Birthday to Me- Part 2

I had a lovely birthday this year, much more relaxed than usual but I'm getting old now! My mam and brother know I'm a crazy Dr Who and Harry Potter fan girl so I got a hilarious selection of cakes cards and a Hogwarts letter which came with a Hogwarts Express ticket too. I always wished that I was a witch as a kid, I was obsessed with Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Worst Witch and Sabrina.

This card made me laugh so much!

How pretty are these cakes? My friend Chloe made them for me, she works in a cake factory at the moment but wants to start her own cake making business. She hasn't been making them for long so I think these are amazing!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!

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Friday, 5 August 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

I turned 24 today, I feel rather old now and the next 'big' birthday will be my 30th how scary is that?!

 Me on my second birthday!

Just had my nails done with shellac polish, it really is fab. I had it on for the Birmingham meet up and a wedding I went to the week after, it lasted two weeks with no chips or scratches. It costs £10 for a shape and polish which I don't think is too bad because of how long it lasts.

I've been looking for things to dress my room with and a bedside table for ages so I went to Whitchurch in Cardiff yesterday to do some charity shopping and I was so happy with what I found. I got a bedside table for £1!!! I just bought some crystal handles on ebay to but on there and I'm going to sand and paint it the same colour cream as my wardrobe. I also got this cute hand coloured print for 50p, I will probably put it in one of my nicer frames. Where do you go to look for bargains?


After all my long day of bargain hunting I went for lunch in Fino Lounge and had some tapas, it was soo good.

I'm off to get ready for a night out with my friends now, I'm going for a meal and some cocktails and I have no idea what to wear eeek!

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

I went to the beautiful wedding of my friend Alex this weekend. I met Alex in uni and we have kept in touch since graduating in 2008. Its so easy to grow apart from people when a location or course aren't holding you together but I try and see Alex as much as I can. Even the three hour train journey wont stop me!
It really wasn't like any other wedding I have been to before. The choir that Alex was in and which she now helps to direct sang at the wedding and so did her sister in law. There were some beautiful readings and the service was lovely.

Here are a selection of photos from the day-

 WARNING! hideous photo of me, chins and weird grin. Its good not to have all edited photos though I suppose, we can't look our best at all times...

I bought this dress from Peacocks a while ago and now I have seen photos I'm not so sure about it. I love the colour and it was very comfy but the shape wasn't the best but it wasn't £150 like most of the other dressed I tried on. I bought the bag on sale from Very about 3 years ago and have never used it but I thought it was rather summery, it's not very practical though. I could only fit my powder, money and phone in there which I'm not used to because I normally carry everything I could ever need with me.
I wanted to get some wear out of this very summery dress so I wore it to got and meet friends for drinks today with some flats.

I was supposed to be going to Barry Island of Gavin and Stacey and Being Human fame tomorrow but Derek the weatherman (all you Welshies know who I'm talking about) said it will rain tomorrow boohoo!! I'm going to snoop around all of the charity shops in Whitchurch and Albany Rd in Cardiff instead. Hopefully I will find a few bargains.

I mentioned on twitter a few days ago that I bought an instax camera on ebay and it has now arrived. So excited!!!

It was a really old model and came with a pack of 10 films but they expired 10 years ago so they didn't work. Popping in to Jessops tomorrow to buy some. I can't wait to try it out and hopefully take lots of nice photos like these.
Any one got any instax tip for me or photography tips in general? I'm not the best but I'm trying to learn.


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