Happy Birthday to me!

By Gem - 16:18:00

I turned 24 today, I feel rather old now and the next 'big' birthday will be my 30th how scary is that?!

 Me on my second birthday!

Just had my nails done with shellac polish, it really is fab. I had it on for the Birmingham meet up and a wedding I went to the week after, it lasted two weeks with no chips or scratches. It costs £10 for a shape and polish which I don't think is too bad because of how long it lasts.

I've been looking for things to dress my room with and a bedside table for ages so I went to Whitchurch in Cardiff yesterday to do some charity shopping and I was so happy with what I found. I got a bedside table for £1!!! I just bought some crystal handles on ebay to but on there and I'm going to sand and paint it the same colour cream as my wardrobe. I also got this cute hand coloured print for 50p, I will probably put it in one of my nicer frames. Where do you go to look for bargains?


After all my long day of bargain hunting I went for lunch in Fino Lounge and had some tapas, it was soo good.

I'm off to get ready for a night out with my friends now, I'm going for a meal and some cocktails and I have no idea what to wear eeek!

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  1. Ooh very cute! I used to love going to Albany Road charity shopping when I was in Uni :) I'm looking for things for my room too hehe xx

    £1 for the bedside table?! Brilliant! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  3. Happy Birthday Gem :)
    Have a fabulous night!

    I am ever the bargain hunter, and
    that bedside table is a pretty good find! Can't wait to see how you do it up xxx

  4. Happy Birthday! I love the colour you had your nails painted and what a great bargain on the bedside table.xx

  5. happy happy happy birthday!
    i hope you've had a great day and have an even greater night!
    your nails look laaavley :D
    Rosie xo

  6. Happy Birthday Gem!! Aww, such a cute photo, you haven't changed!
    I love the nail colour :) x

  7. Happy birthday lovely! Those tapas look delicious!

  8. Hi I'm a new follower :) I can't believe you managed to snap up that bedside cabinet for £1! Amazing, I'm always on the hunt for bargain furniture to 'do up'... or down in some cases :)
    Lovely blog xx

  9. Aww how cute are you! The shellac polish sounds brilliant, I always end up chipping my nail varnish off, so this seems like a good solution!
    Mmmm now I want tapas. Yummy yummy tapas.

  10. Happy Birthday, beautiful nail polish.

  11. happy birthday, lovely! you really ought to have found that hat again and rocked that look for the entire day. and no way was that table £1!! it's going to look so good when you've done it up (: xxx


  12. Happy birthday!

    That was such a bargain with the side drawers! the charity shops around where I live have got so expensive lately - no sign of a decent bargain!

  13. Happy birthday! And congrats on the bedside table, what a bargain!

  14. Happy birthday! And you still have 25 before 30! Bargain chest of drawers - post a pic when you're done with it! x

  15. Happy birthday, I hope you've had a lovely day. gorgeous nail colour. don't feel old, I'm 24 but I'm still young at hear =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  16. aaw just came in from my night out to see all the happy birthday messages, thanks guys :)
    I will update you on the £1 cupboard! xxx


    And, woah. Nail varnishes that last for two weeks?! My idea of heaven!

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  18. Happy birthday for yesterday Gem! Sounds like you had an amazing day and I hope your evening was even better! :D. I can't believe you picked up such good bargains! :D. That nail varnish looks amazing too, no matter where I go, it never lasts that long!

  19. Hey, where did you get your nails done? I know Charli of http://www.charli-dot-dot-dot.blogspot.com/ gets them done at a salon in Bannatynes. I've also heard good things about Tans & Hands on Crwys Rd, but have a GroupOn offer to use at Aquarius in Rhwbina.

    Also, Tapas at the Fino Lounge looks good. Not been there. Owned by the same people as the Juno Lounge I think.

    Jo x

  20. Heya Jo, I get my nails done at Blush in Newbridge. Shellac is great but only comes in 24 shades, there will be 4 new a/w shades soon though. Where is the juno lounge? have to check that out too

  21. Happy birthday! Hope you had a really lovely day :)

    Maria xxx

  22. Happy Birthday! Nice nail colour!


  23. Happy Birthday! Looks like a fantastic celebratory dinner!

  24. Penblwydd Hapus! I'm 24 in October... scary!

  25. Happy birthday lovely one :)

  26. hope you had a wonderful birthday! haha that pic is so cute! ooh your nails look lovely, i'd love to try some shellac, must be so much easier not having to touch up all the time. is that patatas bravas i spy? delish! xx

  27. very cute and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D I'm following

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me! :)




  28. Hope you had a lovely birthday!
    I love that bedside table :)
    For pound too- now that's amazing.
    Can you imagine if you got this from one of those reworked trendy shops? They'd be selling this for like £200 odd.
    Love the birds too :)



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