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I went to the beautiful wedding of my friend Alex this weekend. I met Alex in uni and we have kept in touch since graduating in 2008. Its so easy to grow apart from people when a location or course aren't holding you together but I try and see Alex as much as I can. Even the three hour train journey wont stop me!
It really wasn't like any other wedding I have been to before. The choir that Alex was in and which she now helps to direct sang at the wedding and so did her sister in law. There were some beautiful readings and the service was lovely.

Here are a selection of photos from the day-

 WARNING! hideous photo of me, chins and weird grin. Its good not to have all edited photos though I suppose, we can't look our best at all times...

I bought this dress from Peacocks a while ago and now I have seen photos I'm not so sure about it. I love the colour and it was very comfy but the shape wasn't the best but it wasn't £150 like most of the other dressed I tried on. I bought the bag on sale from Very about 3 years ago and have never used it but I thought it was rather summery, it's not very practical though. I could only fit my powder, money and phone in there which I'm not used to because I normally carry everything I could ever need with me.
I wanted to get some wear out of this very summery dress so I wore it to got and meet friends for drinks today with some flats.

I was supposed to be going to Barry Island of Gavin and Stacey and Being Human fame tomorrow but Derek the weatherman (all you Welshies know who I'm talking about) said it will rain tomorrow boohoo!! I'm going to snoop around all of the charity shops in Whitchurch and Albany Rd in Cardiff instead. Hopefully I will find a few bargains.

I mentioned on twitter a few days ago that I bought an instax camera on ebay and it has now arrived. So excited!!!

It was a really old model and came with a pack of 10 films but they expired 10 years ago so they didn't work. Popping in to Jessops tomorrow to buy some. I can't wait to try it out and hopefully take lots of nice photos like these.
Any one got any instax tip for me or photography tips in general? I'm not the best but I'm trying to learn.


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  1. I actually like that dress on you Gem!
    And yeah I just want the rain to go away, please. I want the sun & heat back! :(

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  2. ooh i love all the sun flowers at the wedding, and the bunting! It looks lovely :) And that dress looks really nice on you, lovely colour xx

  3. i really love your outfit!
    the colour is really pretty ^_^
    i really wanted one of those cameras, im looking for a cheap one on ebay too haha :P
    i think its a really pretty photo, you look really happy! :D
    Rosie xo

  4. Definitely know Derek! My friend used to have a weird obsession with him after she met him somewhere, haha.

  5. Gorgeous dress :) such a pretty colour. Love seeing photographs of weddings- my fav! x

  6. Love that dress - very summery and pretty x

  7. That dress is really lovely, i keep looking at it on their site! x

  8. You look lovely Gem, I like the dress.

    I love the sunflowers at the wedding, sunflowers always make me smile.

    I know our Derek! haha


  9. That is a beautiful dress! Can't go wrong with polka dots! You look super lovely!! x

  10. I really love that dress Gem, you should wear it all the time! :)
    It definitely suits you xx

  11. You can get Instax film about as cheaply as it comes on I've used them before & things arrive much quicker than you'd expect for free delivery :)
    Happy Instax-ing,

  12. Thanks for the tip Dichohecho! its about £11 for 20 waaay cheaper than Jessops x


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