Long Weekend- Part 1

By Gem - 22:58:00

I got to go to my fourth blogger meet up in about a month on Friday, I've really enjoyed meeting all the lovely people I chat to on Twitter and none of them have been 40 year old weird men (which is what my mam thinks I will find when I turn up to one) Does anyone else tell their family where they are going or just say you are going to meet friends? My mam thinks I'm crazy for spending the day with people I have never met.

None of us took many photos because we were too busy chatting and shopping but here is a great group shot of all the lovely ladies that attended the meet up-

L-R Back row- Bee, Lyzi, Stephanie, and Gina.
Front row- Sian, Leanne, Kate, Sammy, Kim, Lily, Me, Laura and Rosie.

I got the train to Bristol with Leanne and we were standing at the wrong platform so its rather lucky that we didn't miss it! Bee was there to meet us at the train station and we all walked to Frankie and Benny's for lunch. I was a bit excited/nervous so I didn't shut up all the way through the meal so everyone knows I'm following the WW plan and I'm obsessed with David Tennant.

I don't think any of us left Primark without buying something, I got a lovely thick cardi, a headband, loads of black tights and scarf with horses on.

After a bit more shopping and re touching our make up (in the amazing Cabot toilets) we went to a bar that I always end up in when I'm in Bristol called Start the Bus. I had a lovely raspberry beer and enjoyed putting my feet up because I was exhausted by this point, getting up at 8am was a killer.

The ladies from My Street Chic came along for a chat and to take our photos. Here is a shot of what I wore-

All my outfit is pretty new, I got the dress for £22 in Dorothy Perkins which I think is good because it is quite a heavy dress and not just jersey. My belt was in a pack of two in New look for £4.99, I love all the mustard and rust colours at the moment but they don't suit me so I thought I would get some accessories in those colours instead. I'm really in to red lipstick and leopard print at the moment, even in the day so if you see any nice leopard print things let me know please :)

I got home from the meet up all tired out from the shopping and chatting, I had such a lovely day. Thank you Bee and Lyzi, I can't wait until the next one which is going to be close to Christmas.

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  1. It looks amazing, I need to go to an other blogger meet up they are so much fun and Gem you look so beautiful you can really tell your weight loss is amazing.
    PS. About the 40 year old man thing, I am great friends with hazel whom i met through my blog. When she sent me a birthday gift and card my grandma was SOOO sure she was grooming me x

  2. Looks like you had fun, I always had the same reaction from family and friends when I was younger about my online interactions. My parents especially always made it seem like I was being silly for building friendships with people I had not met (yet) in person. Different generation I guess.

    I LOVE your dress, you look so fabulous.

  3. So jealous, looks like you had a great time! I wish I could have made this one :) Maybe next time! x

  4. you look great! i had my eye on that dress wasn't sure but it looks fab on and the pop of colour is perfection x

  5. Wow, looks like another amazing bloggers meet! I really want to start attending some... maybe when I'm a bit older ;D

  6. Gorgeous outfit there Gem! And looks like you had a great time, shame I couldn't make it!!!

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  7. I'm so angry at work for not being able to get it off... Looks like an awesome day.. I'm DEFINITELY coming to the next one!!



  8. Ah so great that you got some photos - the rest of us were useless! I love it, was so great to meet you xxx

  9. I couldn't remember that other photo being taken, haha. Well done for not being completely useless with a camera like myself! You looked so bloody gorgeous, Gem. I loved getting a little chat with you.

  10. N'aww, you're so lucky for getting to go to all these meets!! So jealous! I remember at the BBM one you wore red lippie and it really suited you! I think it's the dark hair it goes really well with :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  11. Awesome photos! You were the best blogger out of all of us as you actually took some snaps!
    Loves it :) x

  12. I have totally 'right-clicked, saved' these pictures. (hope you don't mind!) You took some lovely snaps, it was such a great day and seriously can not wait until the next one!!!

    L x

  13. Thanks Claire, gone all red!

    That's cool Laura, we were all rubbish at taking photos so help yourself.

    Claire(Jazzpad)- I'm going to get even darker hair I think although I tried to dye it darker once and it went black!

    Lowri, Danielle and Hayley- you should deffo come next time. Such a lovely day out


  14. Lovely write up and well done on the photos! At least one of us was on the ball!!

    It was lovely to meet you, and look forward to meeting you again


  15. Wow, that is really exciting! You are doing quite well for yourself...

    ps - I am sponsoring a fab vintage designer giveaway, hope you check it out :)


  16. You all look so stylish! Love that picture of you dear ;-)

    p.s: check out my giveaway!

  17. Your blog is so inspirational, you have such great outfits. Oh and who doesn't love a bit of primarni!



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