Long Weekend- Part 2

By Gem - 13:19:00

I continued my lovely long weekend which started with a bloggers meet up by having a little trip to London...

I won tickets to the premiere of Fright Night last week on twitter (thanks handbag.com) so I booked a last minute trip to London on Sunday. I was due to arrive in London at 1pm but the show didn't start until 7 so I asked for suggestions about what to do in London on a Sunday and the lovely Lauren said I should go to the Tower of London and got me some guest passes, how nice is that?!

We went to see the Crown Jewels as soon as we got to the tower as there is usually a bit of a queue for this. The diamonds and stones were all so huge on the crowns, it was hard to believe they were real. I really liked the small crown of Queen Victoria, a little more understated than the rest. Lots of American tourists were trying to take photos but it's not allowed, naughty naughty!!

Henry VIII armour, it was funny to see how his armour changed as he got older and more gouty.

I do love a big book!

The Queen's Guard, very serious with EVIL hats made from bears :( Bear skin is cruel and costs a lot of money so why use it? very silly.

After leaving the tower we went down to the bridge and had an ice cream and took some photos.

I can't take a good photo at all, all my photos from the day are wonky, I have my eye closed or I only get half of what I want in. Useless!!

Me and my friend Emma headed down to the O2 for the main attraction- DAVID TENNANT. I was rather excited to see the film as I'm a huge fan of everything Tennant is in (as well as being a fan of his face). He came in and introduced the film and was rather charming. Fright Night was amazing, I don't go to the cinema very often so I really enjoyed it. Both Farell and Tennant were very funny, I give it a 4.5/5 with the extra 0.5 because David Tennant looks gorgeous in it.

Oh la la!!

Have you got any film recommendations for me? I have the cinema bug now and I'm going to go on my next day off. I'm also going to try and get some day tickets to see Much Ado About Nothing for the final week, what are the best parks in London and somewhere cheap to go for afternoon tea?

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  1. Oh good god....that picture of the Tennant...just....phwoaaar! *drooool*!
    Glad you had fun! I'm very jealous! :) xx

  2. St. James' Park is my favourite! But Hyde Park is lovely too. Afternoon tea wise, Bea's of Bloomsbury does a lovely one for £15! :)

  3. oooooh jealous! We will be in London for Christmas so you will ahve to give me travel pointers!

  4. Those American tourists, incorrigible. I'm so envious you got to go to The Tower of London, I'm positively dying to go since my life long obsession with Henry VIII/Anne Boleyn/Elizabeth I. Mind you I'm dying to go to Europe in general. Hopefully one day.

    I love the color you're wearing, it really suits you. I think you look so adorable in the last picture.

    And um, wow at that picture of Mr. Tennant. Sex on a stick, I think I just drooled.

  5. Hahaha I'm so glad you enjoyed the Tower! I'm kind of jealous of your explorations, I know I work there but I almost never get to go in and see all the stuff inside! Next time you come to London give me a shout and we'll try and meet up for a drink!


  6. I loved the Tower of London - even with all the queuing!

  7. I love trips to London, it looks liek you had a lot of fun! :D Can't wait to see Fright Night, I loved the original and I love Tennant, so I'll be easily pleased! :P xx

  8. Aw, looks like you had an amazing time, I love trips to London! Wow, David is looking pretty gorgeous in that photo! I've had the cinema bug recently too! Horrible Bosses has to be my favourite film recently!

  9. Oh I saw the trailer for that last night, looks good!

  10. This looks like so much fun I would love to visit the Tower of London!

    Maria xxx

  11. Sounds like you had an amazing time I love London :) How good does david tennant look as well? X

  12. Haha I am also a fan of David Tennant's face!!And I never knew the Queens guards hats were made from bear! Thats just so awful...

  13. My dad was a Welsh Guard and they are NOT made of bears. The only ones made of bears are the ones that have been past down to Officers. They are made of NYLON, belive me. I've seen the nylon tag that is inside the bearskins.

  14. Hi Anonymous,

    Here a few links which you might like to look at-


  15. Just found two more-


    It appears that the Queens Guard do still wear them.


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