I Need A Dollar

By Gem - 22:12:00

Busy, busy, busy! I've got a hen night, wedding and course work dealine all coming up in the next few weeks so I'm enjoying a rare night reading blogs on my sofa with a cup of tea and my dog.
I went to work in the business library today, I don't normally work there so I thought I would make the effort and look smart so I went for an all black ensemble with a few details to jazz it up. My brother (my very own Nigel Barker) has gone on holiday to Greece so I've got some dodgy photos today. I really need to invest in a tripod, isn't my brother just plain rude?! how dare he go away without me and leave me without an official photographer ;)

Dress - H&M
Shoes - Peacocks
Belt -  Dorothy Perkins
Brooch - Accesorize
Cardigan - Evans

I really like this dress it was only about £20 but looks really nice in the flesh. I've got a selection of jazzy coloured tights and belts to wear with this dress to make it a little less formal. I'm also rather keen not to spend to much money on clothes at the moment and I think investing in some plain dresses is a good idea.

Have you all been out spending your student loan on new A/W clothes? I went into Cardiff today and it was packed with students splurging on new clothes. I popped into Urban Outfitters to see the Vivienne Westwood handbags, I had to tear myself away.

Hope you all have something lovely planned for this weekend!

P.S. keep the 12th of October free (all will be revealed shortly)

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  1. I not usually one for all black but this is lovely! :)

    Annest X

  2. I love that belt!

  3. You look so smart! I wish I had a student loan to spend this year, searching for a job after graduating is not fun!

  4. I love the leopard print belt, great way to change the look of the dress! I wish I had a student loan again ( though also glad I don't at the same time as would be even more to pay back!) x

  5. You look gorgeous! I find a tiny touch of leopard print just makes anything that bit edgier :D

    I know the horror of being without a photographer, my own nigel ahem I mean boyfriend is so much more fun than a tripod and timed camera haha ;)

  6. I remember student loan day well, it usually involved a fruitfull trip to the trafford center! Oh to have those days back....
    Plain dresses sounds like a good idea, especially as you can put different blazers/cardigans/jewellery etc with them, Ima have to copy you on this!

  7. love it!
    i love black dresses with gold accessories :)
    Rosie xo

  8. Nice outfit, I love the brooch!
    Have fun on the hen do xxx

  9. You look gorgeous, I love your outfit :] xxx

  10. Love the gold and leopard accents. Your hair looks awesome too! So 'just stepped out of a salon' x

  11. i need to find/bully someone into being my official photographer! aha. love your dress, a real bargain for £20 too xxx


  12. I haven't been to UO in so long! Didn't know they sold VW bags!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  13. This is such a flattering dress, you look gorgeous! Oh and I already love this is jinsy, the songs are hilarious!


  14. Aha what a cheek, your bro just buggaring off :P I think your pics turned out fine though :) Lovely outfit, love black and leopard together!

    L x

  15. You look great, I love my plain dresses, they are so versatile!

    Maria xxx

  16. This is lovely, simple look, given a bit of rock with the belt and brooch. Great stuff.

    Jet x

  17. You look gorgeous, love the belt :D xx


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