Cdfblogs Christmas Social & Crabtree and Evelyn Event

By Gem - 20:27:00

I had a very busy night on Tuesday with two events to attend. I had a bit of a mission to get there as there were forty five cows on the train lines outside Newport and I was stuck on the train to Cardiff for an hour. Madness!!!

Firstly, I went to a lovely Crabtree & Evelyn event. (When I finally got there) There were hand massages, bubbly, nibbles(the most amazing cheese and chutney) and a raffle where I won two bottle of fizz!

Nathan Wyburn from Britain's Got Talent was there to create a portrait of the Save the Children patron Natasha Kaplinsky. There was 30% off a lot of Christmas items and an extra 15% off on the evening so I got some tubes of hand therapy for my mam for Christmas and some cherry jam and pomegranate hand lotion for myself. I LOVE jam, I eat crumpets most days so I can't wait to get stuck in to this one.

I was given a sample of the pomegranate hand therapy before and I adored it, it is so light and not oily at all. I might ask for a little pot so I can take some in my bag with me and keep the big bottle in the house.

After the Crabtree & Evelyn event I headed over to Peppermint on Mill Lane for the Cardiff Blogs Christmas Social. I drank loads of lovely mojito's with Sarah, Liz, Louise, Emma and Chantele. There were lots of mince pies and a rubbish raffle where you could win exciting gifts like a photo box and a quiz book (which is what I won) great fun!
If you blog (or are interested in social media) and live in South Wales I highly recommend that you come along to one of these meet ups. I've met some amazing people there and I always enjoy the themed talks at the beginning. There is usually a free drink too ;) 

If you want to find out more or follow what we get up to at these events then you should follow @cdfblogs on twitter.

What have you been up to this week? I want to hear about all of your Christmas parties!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely, eventful week! Sadly mine has been a lot duller...although I do have my works christmas meal to look forward to next week :)


  2. This sounds like a lot of fun. You know, I'm quite ashamed and baffled to admit it (I didn't really realize it) but I have only been into a Crabtree and Evelyn, maybe once or twice. I've always heard brilliant things about them but never actually go inside. I love jam as well and would definitely be interested to smell all of these. Yay for winning things, that is always super! And um, do I spot a mojito?! Yum! I love mojitos.


  3. looks awesome!
    wish i could have come :)
    ahhh mojitos <3
    Rosie xo

  4. 45 cows on the line?! That's madness! The Crabtree and Evelyn event sounds fun, the pomegranate hand therapy sounds lovely!x

  5. Sounds like you've been having fun missy :)

    The cows on the train line did make me giggle, just relieved that it wasn't sheep as that would have been so stereotypical! x

  6. Oh that does look like a fun evening! The Puppini Sisters were indeed at the Glee Club in Cardiff Bay, would really recommend seeing them live, brilliant!

    Have a good Christmas!

    Miss P xx

  7. Sounds like such a fab evening, wish they had something like Cdf Blogs near me too! xxx

  8. Sounds like an eventfull week (pun not intended). And those free drinks look rather lush.
    I hate wandering cows, I used to live in a country village and they'd always be holding up traffic. That and people herding sheep.


  9. This looks fab, I could do with some of the pomegranate hand butter right now!

    Maria xxx

  10. What a great night! The crabtree & evelyn event looks especially lovely (I can smell it all from here). x hivenn


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