Secret Santa 2011

By Gem - 13:34:00

I really enjoyed taking part in Secret Santa last year so when Rani announced she was organising it again I jumped at the chance to sign up. I really enjoyed picking out a gift based on someones list if likes and by reading their blog. It is all rather exciting not knowing who your gift is from and opening all the little packages.

Thank you Jessie! You picked out some amazing things, I already had the purse and card holder to match the mug and diary you sent, how cool is that?! Great minds think alike.

I sent my secret Santa gift to Laura, hope she liked it!

I have no idea who sent this beautiful package for the Pretty Much Penniless Second Hand Secret Santa, everything inside was handmade! How amazing is that? I can't even sew a button on so I am really impressed.
Please reveal yourself Secret Santa! Thank you :)

I was Clare's Secret Santa, hope she enjoyed opening her gift. Second Hand Secret Santa was such a great idea, I had great fun visiting lots of vintage fairs and picking out a gift. So much nicer than buying and receiving smellies and scarves.

Did you take part in a Secret Santa this year?
Office ones can always be a little tricky but these two were really fun!

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  1. Awwww you recieved some really lovely things! I loved taking part in my secret santas!

  2. Aw!! I love your gifts :)

  3. Great gifts! I adore the tape measure rosette, and it's so great everything was handmade too. I took part in the second-hand secret santa and also did a swap one too. I'm going to be posting about them soon too :) xxx

  4. Some cute gifts there! LOVE the paperchase things..!

  5. What lovely gifts! I have the cupcake diary too :) x

  6. You got some amazing gifts Gem, the rosette is so unusual! x

  7. Aw how cute are all of these gifts!?

  8. I somehow managed to avoid every single secret santa this year (not that I was trying, just no one arranged one), but I always find them fun! You received some really wonderful things, love the cupcake theme! xx

  9. such cute gifts!! I'm really getting into this whole linking up with other bloggers to send each other stuff...its such a good way to share the love!!


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