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It has been a manic week for me, all the students have deadlines and exams so it has been pretty busy in work. I'm still settling into my new working hours but I've had a bit of time to myself this week. I have been cooking every night when I get home from work and I managed to do some shopping on Saturday.
I bagged myself some sale bargains including this dress from New Look. I came away with a few blouses and dresses and bought loads of lovely, thick scarves from H&M for £2. I wore this to work today and could only take this one photo outside before I had to run back in,  sooo cold!

This week I've mainly been wrapped up and new new H&M bargains are helping me to beat the cold.

Hat: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Coat: New Look

My mam thinks I look like the girls from The Railway Children when I wear this, what do you think?

I drew the winners of my Burt's Bees and Fairytales and Hidden Notes giveaway and the winners are (no idea how to get a screen capture of the thing) -

Beth from Ramz and the Flock wins the Fairy tales and Hidden Notes bracelet and two Burt's Bees body lotions and Jennifer June from Inordinately Plush wins the two Burts's Bees body lotions!

Congrats ladies, I will be emailing you shortly.

There is a Boux Avenue competition which is running until 12pm tomorrow so you will have to be quick to enter! They stock sizes ranging from 30A to 40H Boux Avenue have a huge selection of gorgeous bras for you to choose from. To celebrate their fabulous collections Boux Avenue asks the question – What’s your bra size?
It's not a question all of us may want to divulge the answer to, but it’s for prizes, and Boux Avenue want us to celebrate our cleavages in all their glory – whatever your size!
Boux Avenue are running a very exciting twitter competition giving away a £10 Boux Avenue Gift Card to someone of each cup size.
To enter tweet @BouxAvenue linking to your favourite Boux bra in your size, using the hashtag #BouxSizePrize.
Here’s an example:
@BouxAvenue This is my favourite 36D #BouxSizePrize

Not sure if I will be shouting out my bra size on twitter because  my boss follows me but thought you guys might be interested in winning a gift card.

Just one more thing, I sometimes write reviews for the blog Judging Covers. You can check out my reviews, find a great new book to read and have your say on a book by clicking the image below.

What have you been reading lately? Have you manged to pick up any late sale bargains like me?

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  1. Love the dress, always love a bargain and H&M scarves for £2 is really good!
    haha I know what your mum means, but I think you're a lot more stylish :p

    franky @

  2. Aw Gem you look gorgeous in the top photo. Love the colour of your dress. xx

  3. Hahaha... I loled so much at the railway Children comparison.. Can see what your mam means but I wouldn't have thought it unless the idea was put in my head (if that makes any sense lol) Love the red dress and all your H&M cozyness! :)

    The Deer Head


  4. i really love that dress , it flatters your figure and really shows off how much weight you have lost xxxxx

  5. I used to love the railway children so much! love the dress and thanks for mentioning the boux avenue competition, i've now entered! x

  6. That red dress is gorgeous. I was bidding on a similar one on ebay the other day but sadly didn't win it!
    I hate paying £8+ for a scarf, as it's basically just a piece of material. Will have to pop along to H&M and try and get myself some cheap ones in the sale!

    Gillian x

    1. They had loads in Cardiff and poeple were filling baskets with them. Had a few compliments on my maroon one. They were all about £15 originally, madness!

  7. Hahaha I love that your mum thinks that! It's a really sweet look though!!


  8. You got some great sale bargains! I love the scarf from H&M, you could stock up for next Winter with prices that low xxx

    1. exactly! I went back and bought a few as gifts for my nan next year :)

  9. that dress is lovely and i also adore your coat

  10. You absolutely gorgeous in that dress.
    In all seriousness when I saw that photo I did think 'Railway Children' before I read that your mum thought that, definitely in a good way!

    1. Used to watch it all the time as a kid and cry when her dad came back at the end haha!

  11. ooh I have that dress. How much did you get it for? I got it when it was full price but since I worked there at the time I got it half price. I wouldn't have thought railway children at all. Mums say the funniest things, lol xx

    1. I think it was about £17, not a huge bargain but still pretty good!
      I used to love my Topshop discount when I worked there, would love discount now.

  12. I love the outfits, especially the dress! You do look a bit Railway Children, but then to me thats a good thing as I have been obsessed with that look since I was the film at an impressionable age!

  13. Absolutely love the dress - it's very flattering and the colour is great!
    I got a £2 H&M scarf too, and £1 New Look pants! You've got to love anything you can pay for with one coin =D

  14. Gorgeous look great.regards...

  15. That shade of red is perfect on you - and I love the scarf too! I just stumbled across your blog and I love it - you have a new follower lovely lady :D

    Cat xxx


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