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I've got something a little different to share with you today. I wanted to give Jo and Danielle a chance to tell you all about the Vintage fairs they organise in Cardiff. I love attending these events and they can explain it all much better than I could so here we go...

In Aid Of Vintage – back for 2012!

In Aid of Vintage has been running at the Woodville Pub in Cardiff since Nov 2010 and it’s still going strong. 
As sisters we’re both interested in fashion and particularly the opportunity to be a little different, so we set up the fair to address what we felt was a gap in the market in Cardiff.  We run an online vintage shop: and although vintage clothing is becoming more popular we felt Cardiff would benefit from an event where vintage clothing, accessories and jewellery would be available on a monthly basis and at affordable prices.  We also wanted to promote and raise awareness of local sellers and show how accessible vintage fashion could be.
In Aid of Vintage has allowed us to combine our two passions; fashion and charity work.  We are both passionate about being able to create looks that are different, quirky and express who we are.  The fashion scene in Cardiff is certainly experimental and there are lots of individuals with different styles which we wanted to encourage and promote.  Another important aspect about vintage clothing and jumble chic is that it also contributes to conserving the environment through recycling old clothes.  We also wanted to raise money as part of the fair in order to raise the profile of charities and to give something back to a range of charities that we support and share values with.  We both work for charities and we wanted another unique way of raising money for a range of different organisations.  So far we’ve raised money for Oxfam Cymru, Stonewall Cymru, Ty Hafan, Positive Women, The Wallich, Alzeheimer’s Society, Cancer Research, Read International, Amnesty International and the Royal British Legion.

We hope that people can expect the following from our fair; a friendly atmosphere, a really great venue with a treasure trove of vintage items from a range of decades at affordable prices.  We have tried to cultivate a fun and inviting atmosphere where everyone is welcome.
We’ve now run 10 fairs at the Woodville Pub which is the perfect venue for the fair as it’s really quirky and is a hive of students and young professionals.  We’ll be continuing to run fairs every month (from 3pm – 6pm) and we look forward to meeting many more lovely fashionistas!

The next dates for our fair are as follows starting with a January Sale on the 29th Jan – hope to see you all there!

All details are available on our page on facebook:

Jo & Danielle

Do you like to attend vintage fairs in your area? What has been your best vintage find?

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  1. I could pretty much relate to you because I, too, collect vintage items. I like buying toy watch in nyc too because it's so unique.


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