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I've really enjoyed my week off from the Internet and blogging. I broke my phone this week and I've been cut off from everything but I think it was just what I needed. I've been racing through loads of books, done some work on my room and had some great times with my friends. I think I'm a little too hooked to reading blogs and chatting on twitter, I have had such a productive week without it all!

This week I have been....

Reading This Sceptred Isle, I did History at university which now seems like such a long time ago. I haven't read any non fiction for ages so this makes a nice change. I might review this book for Judging Covers as I've not posted there for a while. I think the whole debate about what it means to be British is quite fitting for a year when we are hosting the Olympics and I am really enjoying it.
My Clash of Kings book finally arrived, I loved Game of Thrones so much I was desperate to get my hands on the next book. Have you read this series? I highly recommend these books, so many great characters to love and loathe.
I picked up the Anne Rice book in my local charity shop for 20p and it has been sitting on my shelf for months so I thought I would take it to work to read on my lunch breaks. It is another great read and I'm alternating between all three of these books at the moment.

My room is really starting to take shape now and all of these things are new editions to my room. I have been looking for a light and headboard for ages, trying to source some great vintage/antique ones but they were all so expensive so I settled on these ones from Next. I got the throw from Ikea and it is very soft and light, hope my dog doesn't steal this one like she did with the last one.

I got tickets to see Madonna play Hyde Park this summer, really excited about this. I can't say I'm one of her adoring fans but I think it will be a lovely day out with my friends and she has an amazing back catalogue.

I will be on the panel answering questions about blogging at the next cdfblogs event, I recently joined the team so I will be helping to organise the events in the future.
'We want this meet up to be as helpful as possible for you all to kick start your 2012 blogging, whether it be starting a brand new blog, or just revamping your existing one, so be sure to check out the panel's blogs and have your questions at the ready!
The meetup will be at The Maldron Hotel on Saint Mary Street, which is right next to the bus station and central train station. There's free Wi-Fi, so tweeting during the event is encouraged (just try to keep it clean, please!) The hashtag is #cdfblogs.
The main event will begin 6:30pm with the speakers starting at 7.00pm but if you can't make it for 6:30pm don't worry, just turn up whenever you can, we'll still be very happy to see you.'

I've also had a lovely weekend with my partner in crime Emma Dudley drinking way too much wine. My motto this weekend was ' If you don't remember it, it didn't happen'

What have you all been enjoying this week? Have a missed any amazing blog posts?

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  1. that first book sounds so interesting! have fun at the meet up too xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

    1. scared about being on the panel but nothing a large glass of wine can't sort out x

  2. I'm on the third book of the Song of Ice and Fire series!! I'm loving it :)

    1. I can't put them down! I am also in love with Jon Snow x

  3. Replies
    1. I will be back soon :) getting a phone tomorrow yaaaay xx

  4. I have missed you but it looks like you had a lovely week!

    Maria xxx

  5. Good luck with the cfdblog event. I wish I could go between reading three books at any time, i'd get totally confused about which plot was occurring in which, and 20p for a book in a charity store?! What a bargain!

  6. It's so cool you've got tickets to see Madonna. I don't really like her music but she always seems so enthusiastic and full of energy <3

  7. When my computer broke at uni and I was using a really old one which just had word processing and borrowing friends laptops to check emails etc, I've never been more productive, I even handed in an essay a week early, never happen before and never since lol!
    Aww wow I'd love to see Madonna live! :)

    Caroline x

  8. Every time you mention the game of thrones books I want to read them, but I don't want to give my boyfriend the satisfaction, he's been pressing them on me for ages! Where did you do History? If I wasn't doing psychology this year it would have been history I love it, I'm reading all the Philippa Gregory books at the mo, about english queens, tudors etc, have you read any? I really like them, and that they're written by a historian but are fiction. Anyway I'll stop blabbering now! xxx

  9. I love the bits you’ve chosen for your bedroom! You can’t go wrong with Next homeware, it’s always amazing quality and style. I would love to see Madonna, once in a lifetime chance! xxx


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