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Before making any purchases at the moment I am considering how I would wear an item, how much use would I get from it and will it last me more than a few weeks with my current weigh changes. I'm always on the lookout for something versatile and something that can be nipped in at the waist with a belt. This lovely Awear dress from Zalando fits the bill perfectly, it's suitable for work, the weekend and nights out with friends.

I've already picked out a few looks for this dress, what do you think?

pink clutch, cutie pie, zalando shoes

I would pair it with a colourful Bag, a little necklace because of the high neckline and some statement womens shoes. I loved all those huge glittery wedges people were buying at Christmas but would never be able to walk in them so these shoes would be much more suitable with their chunky little heel.  I think this would make a really fun 'night out' look.

For the day/work I have chosen:

black court shoes, blazer, mischa barton bag

Both the shoes and bag are really classic and simple which means I will get a lot of wear from them. The bag is from the Mischa Barton range which I love, I've picked up a few of them in sales before. I would probably pop on some black tights if I was wearing this to work or polka dot ones if I was meeting friends for lunch. The blazer is from New Look and I've been eyeing it up for a while. I think it would also work well with the grey Topshop midi I bought and styled in this post. A black smart jacket will last me for years so I don't feel too bad splashing out on one of those.

Do you weigh up your purchases or are you more of an impulse buyer?

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  1. I'm such an impulse buyer, it's something I really have to stop doing. Shopping is fun though, a little too much fun. I love everything you picked out, the color of the dress is great, as is the color of the pink bag!


  2. That's a lovely dress and I'm sure it'll be really versatile. Recently I do think how many times will I wear it and can I wear it for day & night etc before buying something, trying to watch the pennies!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  3. I love the dress!! I used to buy on an impulse but after sending loads of new stuff off to charity shops I've got better at deciding if I really want something enough xxx

  4. I impluse buy and then feel guilty! Idon't take it back though as I can't bare for anyone else to have it haha!It terrible!
    The dress is gorgeous Gem!

  5. Love this, and I think the shade of blue would look so pretty on you!
    I'm definitely one for weighing up purchases, so much that I uuhm and aah loads and by the time I've decided to buy it the item has sold out! Gah.


  6. I am a bit of an impulsive buyer, but after moving house I was pretty horrified at just how many items of clothing I own (and how I barely wear some items!)

    I'm now trying to be a little more restrained and if I buy something, I'm now considering what it will go with, if it's a 'classic' item that won't go out of fashion next week and trying to get in the "quality" over "quantity"... That said, I still have a splurge in Primark! :-/

    The purple bag (and dress!) is gorgeous!

    Clare x

    1. I agree, all about quality. I'm looking for plain items and buying less things like midi skirts. Classic all the way!

  7. That dress is gorgeous, I love the pleated skirt and it's such a pretty colour. It definitely looks like it would be really versatile!
    I'm much more of an impulse buyer, I buy things because I like them but when I get home I realise I've got nothing to wear them with! I really need to try and plan some outfits before I go shopping!

    Gillian x

    1. I bought 4 things in Primark yesterday and didn't even try them on, not sticking to my own rules! going to keep them though, didn't buy anything too weird :) c

  8. I always consider all factors when buying clothing, but sometimes a few slip through the net and I end up with clothes I never wear! The colour of that dress is beautiful, I love blues so much at the moment xxx

    1. same here, just put all my impulse buys on ebay though and bought more practical things! x

  9. ooohh this is fab! I love the way you've styled both these outfits! :) x

  10. So cheap and good deal u got there

  11. I am plus size also hard get nice dress

    New follower to ur blog as Sherrygo


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