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After yet another manic weekend (turning into a bit of a party animal) I've had a rather busy week. Work has been busy and I've made an effort to be sociable on my days off. I would love to rest this weekend but I'm going to #ldnlunch and then a 90s fancy dress party. I'm going to do my best Richey/Nicky early 90s Manics impression for the party, donning lots of leopard print and eyeliner.

I treated myself to the Nicki Minaj Viva Glam lipstick, it looks coral but you put it on and it is shocking pink. I love it!

I've been trying to spend some time with my dog Sookie, we all fight for her affection in my house and I've been staying at my mates a lot the past few weeks and I really missed her. (what a loser) She has had loads of treats and hugs and I let her sleep at the bottom of my bed :)

I spent my day off with my friend in The Pot eating some amazing sweet potato, satay and coconut soup and enjoying some lovely loose leaf tea. It really is a cute little place, I highly recommend it! It has a great selection of yummy cakes and veggie/vegan food. We took some cakes back for our friends, I wasn't going to have one... had half then scoffed the other half later, ha!

Listened to Britney, standard daily occurrence.

Celebrated St David's Day with lots of daffodils and a little display in work highlighting our Welsh collection.

This is what I have been wearing to work this week:

(sorry about the lack of blank walls/flooring/skirting board, still renovating)

I picked up the denim jacket for £4 on eBay and I've been wearing it everyday, I love it! A lot of these clothes are things I've had for a long time. Nothing fits me anymore so I'm struggling to work out new combinations and I'm getting a little bored of the things I have. I'm going to try and save money and recycle and make alterations to things I already have.

Anyway, Happy St David's Day and hopefully see a few of you on the weekend at ldnlunch!

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  1. I like the cardigan very nice <3

    NRC ♥

  2. Seeing that someone else listens to Britney Spears occasionally makes me feel a whole lot self-assured that when I swan around at home singing Crazy to myself, I am not the only one (; x

  3. Those cakes look lovely!

    1. took all my will power not to scoff the lot!

  4. Sookie is adorable!
    Also love that heart cardigan, very sweet! =)


  5. I love daffodils daffodils!

  6. You look gorgeous bb, I love the curly hair!

  7. I love pink lipstick, the pinker the better, I'm not sure the shade works on me but I love it anyway. Aww, Sookie, such a cutie! Those cupcakes look yum and I love a good denim jacket, denim jackets are so versatile.


  8. I really want a denim jacket, yours was a real bargain! xxx

  9. You look lovely and I just want to smoosh Sookie, what a cutie!

    Maria xxx

  10. That cardigan is so cute! And isn't it great that the daffodils are back - makes me happy that spring is on its way!

    I just stumbled across your blog after looking at the attendee list for LDN Lunch and I'm so glad I did - you have a new follower :)

    Cat xxx

  11. Beautiful outfits! And four pound denim jacket?!? Sweet! I'm shopping around for one too!

  12. I also listen to Britney...while cooking. Oh how it annoys my fiance! x

  13. Oooh, I love The Pot! Had the most amazing cinnamon toast there once for breakfast on a weekend once. Tried recreating my own, but it's just not the same. Your last outfit looks fab! That dress looks great on you!

  14. £4 denim jacket?! That's amazing. I'm needing a new one as I'm having the same problem as you, nothing seems to fit anymore. xx


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