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As some of you may know I recently joined the Cardiff Blogs team, we put on lots of informative events for bloggers but we also organise fun social meet ups too. I love any excuse to get the bunting out and indulge in tea and a lot of cake so I'm very excited to announce that we will be holding a Big Lunch to celebrate the Jubilee.

Come one, come all!
In just a few weeks, we’re hosting a Big Lunch for the Jubilee and we want you to get involved!  On June 3rd, we’ll be setting up camp in the sunshine (optimistic…) near to Pettigrew Tea Rooms at 2pm, and with the new tea room so close, we can take advantage of as much tea and cake as we like!  The lovely David of Pettigrew’s has also kindly said that we can come on inside if the grey clouds appear (and despite it being June, that is always a possibility…)
So, what do we need?  
Well firstly, we need you.  Come along and bring friends, family, whoever you like!  We want to have a real old fashioned community gathering, so everyone is welcome.  And of course, we hope to see as many of you bloggers there.
Now, Cardiff is home to a talented bunch, so we also need help in other areas:

Bring a dish

We’re asking everyone to bring at least one dish (home-made, bought, whatever you like).  Take a look at some food ideas here

Bring some music! Bring your portable speakers (perhaps with battery life!), ipods, or even good old CDs.  All musical tastes welcome.  Or if you own a musical instrument (guitar, tambourines, a triangle) why not bring it along and serenade us all?

Bunting, bunting and more bunting!  All you crafty bloggers out there, post your ideas on how to make bunting, or easy to do decorations that will make our Jubilee gathering look pretty.  It can be red, white and blue if you like, but we’re not fussy.  Here’s some quick and easy decoration ideas to get you started.

Games and activities
As the Olympics are also fast approaching, it would be silly not to embrace a few games and enjoy some sporting fun.  We’re thinking egg and spoon, 3 legged race (think school sports day). 
Bring as much or as little as you like, but if everyone contributes at least one thing from the list above and brings along some food (in the spirit of community and all that) then we think this could be a really great day for everyone to get involved in and have fun!
We would love to see you all there, so let us know if you’re coming – tweet us, tell us on Facebook or email us.

Bring your friends and family along, and share what you’re going to bring in the comments below.
Please spread the word – let’s make this Cardiff’s best Jubilee party!

Cardiff Blogs Team

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  1. This sounds absolutely amazing! One of my friends is having a Jubilee BBQ on the same day so I won't be able to make it :( I can't wait to hear all about it though xx

    1. aaaw that's a shame Leanne :( Jubilee BBQ will be lovely x


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