Saturday, 30 June 2012

I'm gonna pop your bubblegum heart

I've been talking about it on here for months now but on Wednesday evening I finally saw Marina and the Diamonds on her Lonely Hearts Club Tour. I was already in love with Marina but she completely overwhelmed me and lived up to all my expectations. I have seen her perform before but only at festivals and I couldn't wait to see her with her own staging and amongst her fans. It was also lovely to see her on her home turf, she's from Abergavenny and her Mam was there to cheer her on.

There was such a great atmosphere and the venue, Cardiff Coal Exchanage is a beautiful and historic place.
I went with my brother and some friends and chanelled the Electra Heart look with pastels. I loved the pre show music which was a mix of early Britney, Madonna, Garbage and Euro-pop, just my thing.


Marina performed loads of her songs and was on stage for around an hour and a half. Mowgli's Road, Lies and Radioactive were set highlights and I managed to get the setlist at the end of the night like a proper fan girl.





Everything was perfect! I loved the staging, set list, all the outfit changes and everyone seemed to be having just as much fun as me. Marina really was born to peform. I cant wait to see what she does next and I hope she tours again soon. *crazy fan alert*

You can see lots more photos from the night on my flickr account

What performers have completely blown you away?

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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Summer Sunglasses

My recent purchase of these bargain Vivienne Westwood sunglasses (£10 in ASDA!!) has prompted me to have a look at what is on offer by other designers and high street stores. I really want a pair of sunglasses for Reading festival this summer, so I want something on a budget incase I lose them but also a little fun and on trend. I'm also looking for another classic pair of sunglasses that I can wear for years to come.


The first place I look for fashion inspiration is my muse Marina and I love these round glasses she is wearing here:

Round glasses are a huge trend this summer and are in collections by YSL and Erdem and were seen all over Coachella paired with denim shorts and cropped tops. They also really remind me of Lennon, Gaga and Elton John and who doesn't want to feel like a star? My favourite pair of roound glasses are these ones by YSL

But New Look also have a pair for £4.99, perfect for festivals!

Sporty glasses like the ones by Bolle and Serengeti sunglasses, cat eye and quirky shaped glasses are also bang on trend this season so I'm keeping an eye out for these styles too. I would love a pair of heart shaped sunglasses, I lost my last pair in New Zealand :(

I would also love a pair of classic wayfarer sunglasses like Ray Bans. I love my pastel ones but they don't really go with everything.

SANY5354 - Copy

I'm very tempted by these Police Sunglasses which I think are very chic.

Do you get a new pair of sunglasses for holidays or get the same pair out every year? It's not like we get much sun in the UK so I wont get to wear them much but I want to make in impact when I do.

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

AX Paris Competition

I found out that I was the very lucky winner of the AX Paris Affiliate of the Month competition last week and the prizes were very generous. Thanks AX Paris! I didn't want to be greedy and keep them all to myself so I decided to share the love amongst some of my favourite people.

I would have loved to have seen The Wanted and McFly in Blackpool but with a 14 hour round trip on the coach it simply wasn't possible and I gave the two tickets I won to Danielle and Rosie who write two of my favourite blogs. Rosie is a big fan of both of the bands so I knew she would enjoy it :)
I won two dresses and decided to give one to my lovely friend Harri who has just finished her first year on her very demanding course at uni. Well done Harri (she read this sometimes, HI HARRI!) I chose a lovely floral crochet waist dress for her.

I chose this dress from the curve range:

ax paris curve dress

carvela shoes

My lovely Carvela shoes that I never wear
(lots more outfit photos on my flickr)

I also won two She Said Beauty boxes and one of them could be yours.

she said beauty

I've never tried fake tan so can't wait to give that a go and the eyelashes will be handy for the weekend. I've never had a beauty box before and I think £9 is quite good value. Some of the products are a great size and eyelashes usually cost about £3-4 alone.

she said beauty box

All you need to do to win is leave a comment with your email address, simple!
The giveaway will close next Wednesday on the 4th and is open to anyone in the UK.

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Dancing on my own

Term is finally over and it's eerily quiet in work. All the students have gone home so Cathays is like a ghost town, very odd. It does mean that I work 9-5 instead of 10-6 so I have more time in the evening to myself. I have joined the gym (shocking behaviour) and I've been reading some great books (some trashy ones too). Got any book recommendations for me?

I feel like I can be a little more casual in work over the summer because there aren't many people in so I wore some shorts and converse today, nice and comfy.

casual, shorts, new look, floral jumper,

Jumper: New Look
Shorts: Primark
Shoes: Converse c/o Spartoo


Been enjoying some quality time with Sookie and watching loads of E! with my brother, loving my three day weekends. I'm not going to spend my whole summer at home though, going to see Marina and the Diamonds (eeek!) and Kate Nash next week.


I'm going out with some lovely people from work this weekend to Jamie's Italian in Cardiff and I've got a 30th birthday party to go to. Just need to decide what to wear now...

p.s. got lots of ASOS Curve things on ebay

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Sunday, 17 June 2012


I got another chance to go to my favourite conference venue this week. I stayed oer night in Gregynog Hall for the Library colloquium that is held there every year. It lasts all week but I went for the first two days that were all about web 2.0 and new professionals.
The house has a very interesting history and lots interesting people have stayed there like Gustav Holst and George Bernard Shaw. The Davies sisters that owned it were also enthusiastic collectors of French Impressionist and Post-Impression paintings and drawings. William Blake, Paul Cezanne, Stanley Spencer, Monet and Renoir feature amongst the collection of 260 works, which was bequeathed to the National Museum of Wales in 1951 and 1963, and is the largest collection of Impressionist works outside of Paris. There is still a lot of art work there but most of it is now in Cardiff which is handy for me because I work on the same street as the museum.


The gardens are grade 1 listed, very pretty!


The gorgeous weather meant that I could get my bargain sunglasses out for their first outing. I picked these up in ASDA for £10!! Bargain of the year or what? I also got a pair of Gucci ones because I'm awful with sunglasses and always lose them.




I'm currently nursing a hangover in my garden with a cup of tea listing things on ebay, how has your weekend been?

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

I'm Only Happy When It Rains

I wrote a little bit about my festival fashion picks in a previous post but I'm not sure I was being very practical. I went to Hay on Wye festival last week and there was mud everywhere and the last time I went to Reading Festival there was mud and water up to my knees on the first day and it was freezing in the night. I was so unprepared as the previous four years had been glorious and sunny. I spent the whole time cold and damp so I'm going to get some waterproofs this time and make sure I can enjoy myself.

My first pick is from Cath Kidston, it's cute but also has a hood and is nice and long to keep my legs dry too. Not sure how waterproof this would be, maybe only good for light showers? It's light and I could roll this up in my bag and get it out when I need it.

My second pick is from New Look. It's a plain colour so it will go with everything and I would wear this again, not just for festivals. Again, this is only showerproof but I spend most of my time in the NME and Festival Republic tents at Reading so it wouldn't need to be amazing.
My final pick is both waterproof and windproof and can be found at clothing from Argos. You could wear the outer layer in the day to protect you from the rain then add the detachable fleece in the night to help stay warm. This is definitely the most practical coat and would be useful in the winter to wear to work.

Have you got any tips for staying dry and warm at festivals this summer? I know I'm being a little pessimistic but I'm from the UK and always expect a rubbish summer where the weather is concerned.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Heads up

Got lots of good things to share with you today :)


You can get early access to the Motel sale with 50% off. The sale doesn't officially start until next Wednesday but if you follow the link to the secret selection of items on that will be in the sale, and use the code SECRETSALE50 at the checkout, you can take 50% off them all. There are some lovely things on there that are great for summer and festival season so worth checking out.

AX Paris have started a huge promotion - 40% off their Summer collection category. Including lots of pretty pieces from their current range. Playsuits, summer dresses, maxis, jeans and tops are available. Simply enter code SUMMER40 at checkout. Valid only on this category, offer ends 29th June.

Weight Watchers are hosting a twitter party and there will be lots of opportunities to win Debenhams vouchers. You can read all about that on my other blog Where Are My Knees.

Let me know if you treat yourself to anything with the discount codes!

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Monday, 11 June 2012

Here comes the sun (briefly, before it rains again)

I was so excited to see the sun out on Saturday after a washout of a week that I put on the brightest clothes I could find. I've had the cardi for years and picked it up in the M&S sale and I got the dress from a charity shop. I wanted it when it was in store a couple of year ago but couldn't find it in my size and tried to bid on it a few times on ebay. I only paid £3 for the dress and it still had the tag on, I love charity shops!

Summer Florals


Dress: Dorothy Perkins via charity shop
Cardigan: Marks & Spencer
Shoes: flat shoes, TUK c/o Spartoo

This is as scheduled post because I'm currently in the best conference venue EVER! Gregynog Hall, I went last year and loved it and took some gorgeous photos which you can check out here.

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Friday, 8 June 2012

I ♥ Hay on Wye & Jubilee tea party

I didn't just spend my bank holiday weekend eating cake and drinking rum, I did some cultural things for a change too! I visited the lovely Hay on Wye which I have been to many times before but the world famous literary festival was on this time and I had an amazing day. I actually ended up spending most of my day at HowTheLightGetsIn, the world’s largest philosophy and music festival which was at the other end of the town from the main festival site.

I went to a discussion called
What's Left Now? with Phillip Blond, Peter Tatchell, Diane Abbott and Jamie Whyte. They talked about lots of issues surrounding 'The Left' including its successes and failures and where it needs to go in the future, all very interesting!

hay on wye

I also managed to visit many of the towns book and antique shops before we left and picked up a book about which is a selection of letters that the six Mitford sisters sent to one another. I have always found the sisters fascinating so I can#t wait to get stuck in. I also bought The Earth Hums in B Flat and a book of poetry by Keats.


I could have come home with so many more books, I had to restrain myself. I also managed to go to Shepherds for an ice cream (if you ever go to Hay you HAVE TO try it) and some freshly made Welsh cakes mmm.


Me and my friends stopped off on the way home for a walk, they all climbed to the top of the hill but I was slipping and sliding my my pumps. I'm not suited to the country and have no sensible clothes but the views really were spectacular and I would love to go back. I think this was somewhere in between Abergavenny and Brecon, not far from my home at all. I really need to explore my surroundings more.


On Tuesday I tried to have a garden party after work (extra pay, thanks Queen) but it was rather windy and cold so we quickly moved back inside. Glorious weather for weeks then BAM rain for a bank holiday, not fair. George at Asda sent me an amazing Jubilee party pack last week including a gorgeous strawberry print dress, Union Jack decorations and some tasty fudge.

50s dress, jubilee, george asda

I was very cheery and jubilant but it was so cold!
asda george vintage jubilee party

So sad that all the celebrations are over now and it's back to work like normal. Just spontaneously planned a trip to Manchester to see Maximo Park to cheer myself up after a bit of a post Jubilee/holidays come down. 

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sugar high

All I've done since finishing work at 6pm on Friday is eat cake and drink rum punch. I feel sick and don't want to see another slice of cake for at least a month (unless you have Welsh cakes because I could eat one of those right now) I've been off work all weekend, not replied to any emails and barely been online, bliss!

I went out out Friday night to celebrate the end of exams with friends. I've not had an exams since 2008, any excuse to party right? Me and my friends have been planning this bank holiday weekend for ages so I treated myself to a new outfit for Friday night in town.


The playsuit is from the new Kelly Brook range at New Look and I love it! I had some money left on a gift card and used a mates student (ID very naughty or me) so I only payed about £20 for it. It came with a lovely belt but unfortunately the same size belt came with all the playsuits and was way too small for me. Don't you hate it when that happens? so I added a Primark belt which I got for £1. The shoes were super high wedges that I picked up for £16 in Primark and I manged to walk in them all night.


Rum punch! polished off a lot of this myself.


Drinking games are never a good idea.

I spent Saturday shopping, going for lunch and watching loads of Arrested Development episodes.
Sunday was the day of the Cardiff Blogs Jubilee Big Lunch, the weather was awful but luckily the lovely owner of Pettigrew Tea Rooms let us have a picnic/indoor party in the room above the tea rooms. There was so much food and all my favourite Cardiff bloggers in one place, I had a lovely time and went home with more food than I took with me.


I took lots of left over food to a friends house and had another picnic, I didn't realise it was possible to eat that much food in one day.

jubilee indoor picnic

Hope you had a lovely weekend and aren't in a state of hangover/sugar comedown like me!

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Friday, 1 June 2012

AX Paris polka dot dress

I've been fretting about what to wear to the Cardiff Blogs Jubilee Big Lunch for ages (if you live near Cardiff you should come!) I wanted a 50s style dress but nothing with a Union Jack or London type print on that I wouldn't be likely to wear again.

AX Paris recently contacted me to let me know that they have now launched a curve range which sells clothes from a size 16-26. This was great news for me because I always see their clothes on ASOS or in New Look stores and like what I see but they only stock up to a size 14. I was able to pick something from the site to try out and I went with this navy dress .

ax paris polka dot dress

navy blue and white polka dot dress

I wore the dress to work when it was really hot a few days ago, it's nice and long so it's suitable for work and it is very light and cool. I wouldn't bare my legs in a short skirt or sit down for a picnic in one so this is the perfect length. I'm going to wear the dress with some red pumps, my Vivienne Westwood earrings that are red and a splash of lipstick (red, of course) when I'm celebrating the Jubilee.

AX Paris currently have 15% off some lovely dresses in red, white and blue for the Jubilee until the 6th of June and I think they are offering 20% of your first order when you fill in the form that pops up when you open the homepage.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend, it will be a blur of Pimms, dancing, picnics and cake. My friends have all finished their exams today and we are going to celebrate in style! I'm also heading to the Hay on Wye book festival on Monday, are any of you going to be there this year?

Are you doing anything for the Jubilee and what will you be wearing?

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