I'm Only Happy When It Rains

By Gem - 22:43:00

I wrote a little bit about my festival fashion picks in a previous post but I'm not sure I was being very practical. I went to Hay on Wye festival last week and there was mud everywhere and the last time I went to Reading Festival there was mud and water up to my knees on the first day and it was freezing in the night. I was so unprepared as the previous four years had been glorious and sunny. I spent the whole time cold and damp so I'm going to get some waterproofs this time and make sure I can enjoy myself.

My first pick is from Cath Kidston, it's cute but also has a hood and is nice and long to keep my legs dry too. Not sure how waterproof this would be, maybe only good for light showers? It's light and I could roll this up in my bag and get it out when I need it.

My second pick is from New Look. It's a plain colour so it will go with everything and I would wear this again, not just for festivals. Again, this is only showerproof but I spend most of my time in the NME and Festival Republic tents at Reading so it wouldn't need to be amazing.
My final pick is both waterproof and windproof and can be found at clothing from Argos. You could wear the outer layer in the day to protect you from the rain then add the detachable fleece in the night to help stay warm. This is definitely the most practical coat and would be useful in the winter to wear to work.

Have you got any tips for staying dry and warm at festivals this summer? I know I'm being a little pessimistic but I'm from the UK and always expect a rubbish summer where the weather is concerned.

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  1. I work in an outdoor shop so I'm a bit of a waterproofs snob nowadays! I've got a Berghaus Calisto Light which is completely waterproof and breathable, plus it looks good too! I do wish the Cath Kidston ones were fully waterproof though because I'd love one!
    Love the Garbage song in the title too :) x

  2. After a very rainy Download festival last year I swore I would get full water proofs including trouser but never have. Although it would totally ruin my look (ha) if everyone else was soaked to the bone I would feel rather smug! My first festival is the beginning of August so I'm still praying for better weather xxx

  3. oooh thanks, just check it out and I can get a purple one and the price is reasonable :) x

  4. It is looking like most festivals in the UK are going to be wet this year so I think being prepared is a great thing! Jen x

  5. It rains every year when we go to Download. I couldn't afford this year, and it was the wettest muddiest year ever haha!
    Wellies, hoodies, lots of dry socks, waterproofs and layers layers layers. That's all I can say =/
    The Cath Kidston coat is so cute!

  6. They all look far better then the kag in a bag that I use to have!

  7. I reckon that last one is probably the best option :) At least, if you expect the rain, you won't disappointed when it DOES rain, and if it doesn't, you'll be happy :) x
    Sirens and Bells

  8. I love the Cath Kidston one! Primark tend to do a range every year of fold up ones that come in a dinky little bag, I got a floral one a few summers ago for less than £10 and I always have it with me if I'm going to be outdoors, just in case it rains.
    The one and only time I went to Leeds festival, it was a mud fest, and I was typically underprepared- an absolute nightmare xxx

  9. My tip is, if you take waterproofs you will have the most scorchio festival ever, and if you're woefully unprepared it will bucket down. Sods law. I got a substantial granny pac-a-mac from an online shop which sold all kinds of things for festivals, but I can't remember what the thing was called now. Layers, lots of layers, and something fleecy! If you do get wet it won't weigh a ton like other fabrics do when they're wet, and you can wring it out and if you get a sunny spell, it might just dry! xoxo

  10. Don't wear jeans! They take forever to dry, and moving around a tent in wet jeans is so miserable. I used to wear knee length shorts with long socks, but shorts with tights would work too. Though you'd spend extra time in the manky bogs sorting your tights/shorts combo out.

    I have an amazing method for keeping warm on cold nights, but it takes some preparation. First, spread one of those foil blankets that they use on runners inside your sleeping bag, so it's lining it. Then line that with a blanket, so that the foil won't touch your skin when you're in it. Here's the clever bit. Get one of those hand warmers that you click when you want them to heat up and chuck it in the bottom of your sleeping bag half an hour before you're going to get in, so that it's touching the foil. The foil acts as a conductor, spreading the heat around your whole sleeping bag. You wouldn't believe how warm it is, and the heat lasts all night. Mmmmmmmm. Oh, and wear a woolly hat pulled down over your ears while you're in bed too. You might like like Compo, but it's worth it.


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