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I had such a blast this weekend! I got to spend time with lots of lovely ladies that I met at the Birmingham Bloggers meet up last year and a few more. It was like a big reunion but with lots of food and cocktails.I was completly rubbish as usual and only took three photos on my digital camera. I always do this at events and meet ups.

We went for lunch in GBK and it was very tasty, I will be going back to the Cardiff branch soon.

burger gbk

We all went back to our hotel and got ready, me and Sarah got into bed and watched Come Dine with Me and had a cup of tea, ha! I'm such an old lady. After some drinks in the hotel we headed to Wetherspoons for some cheap cocktails.


We moved onto Snobs to dance to listen to some indie tunes and dance the night away. You have to love a club that will play Morrissey, clubs only ever play The Smiths so it's my new favourite place.

snobs birmingham

This sign made me chuckle.

I really like cocktails!

I took my instax camera out with me and managed to get some lovely shots, it can be really hit and miss with cameras like these. There are ahassle to scan in but I think they are worth it.


instax 1

instax 2

instax 3

Chips on the way home!

I just want to say thank you to Sarah, Gem, Emma, Claire, Maria, Alex, Char, Rebecca, Bel and Sian for a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Replies
    1. :) we need to do it all over again soo :) xx

  2. A cup of tea and come dine with me is always a winner!

  3. that burger looks delish!!!! x

  4. Awwrh, this looks awesome! I love the No Moshing sign :') ♥

    Sarah ^.^

    1. it made me laugh, who would do that anyway?

  5. Looks like quite a fun time! lol, love the signs.

  6. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh mannnn!!! Was so lovely to see you again chum! See you soon xxx

  7. Looked like a lot of fun!!

  8. The photo of Claire is the Best Ever (even gets capitals). Was so great to see you again, and I'm hoping I can come to leam xxxxx

  9. This looks like so much fun, glad you had a great time :) xx

  10. Morissey/The Smiths! Eeee, I love The Smiths. That sandwich looks good, it should come over and be my friend ... (that doesn't sound weird or anything haha). You look so gorgeous in all the pictures, I adore the red lip you are rocking here.


    1. aaw thanks hun, could NOT get the lippy off the next day. It stained my lips so badly x

  11. Can't wait to see you again soon, I had a really fab time!

    Maria xxx

  12. Ahhhh looks like you ladies all had such a fab time! Wish I could have joined you!

  13. Ahh it looks like such a fun weekend! :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  14. God that burger looks amazing.
    I wish I lived closer, some of my top favourite bloggers are in these pictures!!

  15. That burger looks ridiculously scrumptious!

    Love Roza xxx

  16. HAHA oh my god THAT PHOTO! Was such a good weekend.. feels like aaages ago now but I had so much fun and LOVED seeing you especially! LEAMINGTON! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  17. Oh my I LIVED at snobs in my 20's. No moshing signs back then either LOL
    Ahhhh takes me back, glad to see they still play cracking music too......


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