Casino Royale

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Lots of A/W lines are starting to arrive in stores and I'm getting rather excited by all of the sequin and gem embellishments that I'm seeing. I never really need an excuse to dress up and I know I'm going to enjoy a night out in sequins sashaying around like I'm one of those casino movies. Hopefully I will look like a Bond girl and not someone from The Hangover...

Here are some of my top picks for a fancy night out at a casino or exclusive bar -

 TFNC London (reminds me of mermaids...)

This simple black dress is very classic and will always be in style but I would add a touch of sparkle with a fun clutch from designerdesirables and some ASOS shimmer twin lashes.
and finally...
I think I would wear this lovely Topshop cami with a black pencil skirt and tux jacket. I love how over the top this is, you might blind someone in a club if you wear this with all the gems twinkling!

Not sure if I could play casino games as anything with numbers baffles me and card games more complicated than spoons confuse me (used to play this game with plastic forks in the college canteen) but I know I will enjoy wearing sequins next season.

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  1. Oh I love a bit of bling - those eyelashes are amazing even though I still maintain that I would be liable to stick my eyes shut or something if I tried to wear falses.

  2. Oooh I love that black dress, and the Topshop gem top, great choices! The black dress looks so demure though, not something I would normally wear...knowing me I'd fall down some stairs in it or something :)

    Have a great weekend! xx

  3. I absolutely love the blue sequin dress
    I'm the same, cannot get enough of dressing up for no reason

  4. the mermaid dress is beautiful I could imagine you in it :] xxx

  5. I love pretty much all of the TFNC dresses at the moment. So. Much. Sparkle.



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