Beautiful Bestival part 2

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My first Bestival post was a bit of a thank you to Echo Falls who invited me along and to all the girls who I spent time with that weekend. This time I'm going to share what I got up to and who I managed to see at the festival.
I left Cardiff early on Thurday and met Sarah at Porstmouth Harbour ready to catch the ferry to the Isle of Wight. I'd not been to the island for years and I'm easily pleased so I was really excited by the ferry. As soon as we arrived on site I was blown away by how beautiful it was. Josie Da Bank really does a great job as creative director of Bestival. There are so many flags and beautiful decorations on site. I loved the Bollywood Cocktail Bar, fancy dress and Ambient Forest. It's such a unique festival.


I met up with team Echo Falls at blue camp which was supposed to be quiet... There is a much nicer vibe on the campsite compared to festivals like Reading and V with a older crowd choosing to go to Bestival which made for a more fun and relaxed atmosphere instead of a GSCE results party.


Me and some fellow Echo Falls campers exploring the site.

I was surprised at how well I ate all weekend. Festival food is normally dodgy and from a van but I had a Wagamama veggie katsu curry and an amazing Byron Burger (may have had two... they were so good!) There were lots of cute stands with names like Crumpets for Strumpets and Tea and Toast but my favourite place on site was the Time For Tease tent where you could enjoy a spot of afternoon tea accompanied by burlesque.


All very civilised for a festival don't you think?

(Sarah's photo)
Musically, I think my highlight of the festival was seeing New Order who are one of my favourite bands. I was close to tears when they played Ceremony and Age of Consent although Bernard Sumner had a little dig at Morrissey who is another one of my favourites, leave it out Bernard!

Here is me and Alex waiting for New Order to start. (nicked from Alex)

I also manged to see Two Door Cinema Club, Florence and the Machine, The Horrors (I saw all of these at Reading or in Cardiff this year) and I also caught some of Ben Howard, Stooshe, Delilah and The Lovely Eggs. It is one of those festivals that is about so much more than music. I saw three times the amount of bands at Reading but only had half as much fun

I treated myself to this gorgeous Screenadelica poster which I'm going to frame and put up in my bedroom. It is one of only 100 which is pretty cool.


My final shot is of the backdrop to the last song New Order performed. Hearing 20,000+ people singing Love Will Tear Us Apart was a beautiful moment. I really want to relive Bestival again next year, who's with me?!

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  1. I LOVE your flower headress with the trailing ribbons, so pretty!

    Looks like you had a great time!

    Miss P xx

  2. Again i'm super jel. The food looks amazing for a festival! At leads I bassically ate out of date birthday cake and chips for 5 days. XXX

  3. Afternoon Tea! This is amazing!!!

  4. Looks like you had a fab time! afternoon tea and burlesque sounds like my perfect afternoon!

  5. It all looks amazing ! hehe love how you can get afternoon tea at a festival :)

    Beautiful Dreams

  6. So lucky! I also felt quite uncomfortable at Reading with all the younger people with their arse cheeks hanging out of their shorts! Looks like you had a great time :)

  7. Gah, this sounds like so much fun, I wish we had festivals this cool on the east coast in the States. I looooooooooove New Order, they are one of my favorite bands of all time, did they play True Faith?! You look stunning, I love what I see of that white dress you are sporting. Afternoon tea and burlesque? That is too fabulous for words.


  8. This sounds amazing i am so jealous! :(

    Maria xxx

  9. see, this looks like my kind of festival - i can't really be doing with massively dodgy food and rowdy 16 years!
    looks like such fun, i'm really jealous ^_^
    Rosie xo

  10. so so jealous you got to see new order! silly bernard, be nice to moz! love the poster you got too. you look so pretty in your floral headband! xx


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